ETHBogota’s Klaytn Challenge Winners

We are super excited to have sponsored a challenge at the ETHBogota hackathon, one of the biggest in Latin America. The hackathon saw a record participation of 1400 attendees from over 62 countries, with 212 projects submitted—many of which built their use case on Klaytn. Toniya Sundaram, our Ecosystem Development Lead, also held an educational workshop titled ”Building on Klaytn” which provided hackers with key information about developing DApps on Klaytn.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in ETHBogota’s Klaytn Challenge. Our judges were amazed by the talent and creativity behind every submission, but every challenge must have its winners—and here they are!

Champion: US$5,000 in $KLAY

🥇 Arena protocol

Arena is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication protocol to exchange temporary hidden information in Player-VS-Player (PVP) games.

Source Code , Demo

First runner-up: US$3,000 in $KLAY

🥈 DAOkeeper

DAOkeeper is a DAO tooling for sustainable governance / Pre-scheduled airdrop platform based on token vesting.

Source Code, Demo

Second runner-up: US$2,000 in $KLAY

🥉 DappStop

DappStop is a censorship-resistant mobile app distribution platform. Unlike the existing app stores, DappStop empowers creators by removing any form of restrictions on in-app monetization.

Source Code, Demo

Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to all the participants of the ETHBogota Klaytn Challenge for your amazing hacks. We’re excited to see all of you continue your journeys into Web3 in the Klaytn ecosystem. See you at our next hackathon!