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Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 Web3 Global Ecosystem Partner Introductions

This series introduces the partners who will be sharing their insights at KSL2023, and will be divided into 3 parts: RWA, Blockchain Gaming, and Ecosystem. Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 will be held from September 4 to 6, and will feature Klaytn’s most prominent ecosystem partners. To find out more about KSL2023, please read this article

1. Korea Market Trends

OzysㅣChallenges of the Korean DeFi Market and KLAYswap’s Market Trend Response Strategies 

  • Speaker: Yonghwan Lee (Biz Lead)
  • Time: 5 Sep 14:20 – 14:35
  • Info: Website / Twitter

Ozys is leading the transformation of various industries and businesses with the motto of ‘blockchain technology that changes the world’. In 2018, the company launched Allbit, the first decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum sidechain in Korea, marking the beginning of its pioneering work in the blockchain market. Since then, it has gained global recognition for its technology by introducing world-class smart contract-based protocols such as KLAYswap, the largest decentralized exchange on the Klaytn mainnet, KLAYstation, Orbit Bridge, and Klaytnscope, which monitors the status of the Klaytn network and provides users with various statistics and insights on the Klaytn network. 

As one of the protocols with the best understanding of the Korean DeFi market, Ozys will share insights on the trends of the Korean and global DeFi markets, as well as statistical comparisons and implications of the global DeFi market in this KSL session. Furthermore, Ozys will also share how it sees the Korean DeFi market developing, Ozys’ strategy for responding to market trends, and its competitive new products.

M-block CompanyㅣKorean Cryptocurrency Market Trends with a Focus on Regulations

  • Speaker: Yongyoung Kim (CSO)
  • Time: 5 Sep 14:35 – 14:50
  • Info: Website / Twitter

M-Block Company provides blockchain-based virtual asset and NFT service technology for Maekyung Media Group, Klaytn’s largest media GC. Currently, the company acts as a professional valuator to help stabilize blockchain projects and provides services to plan and publish NFT collections for various NFT platforms at home and abroad. In particular, as it utilizes the IP of Maekyung Media Group, it provides trust-based total solutions to various teams. In addition, to resolve the information asymmetry about digital assets, the company provides industry trends and guides that digital asset investors should know, and leads the popularization of the cryptocurrency market by providing various conferences and customized training. 

Despite the Korean cryptocurrency market being relatively advanced, it faces various constraints and problems centered on regulations. At KSL2023, M-Block Company will examine the current state of the cryptocurrency market, which is dominated by fiat currencies, and the problems such as declining trading volume and industry contraction. In addition, they will share their experience on legacy companies’ entry into Web3 and provide various insights on the interests and coexistence of traditional finance and emerging cryptocurrency markets.

2. Global Expansion Case Studies

SuperWalkㅣExploring SuperWalk’s journey to becoming the leading M2E project in Korea and its path to global expansion

  • Speaker: Aiden Shin (Business Development Lead)
  • Time: 5 Sep 14:50 – 15:05
  • Info: Website / Twitter

SuperWalk is a blockchain rewards-based Move-To-Earn (M2E) service that pays tokens just for walking. It has been operating a running app service called Proground, which offers incentives that combine cashable token rewards with gaming elements based on a study of users’ exercise routines and characteristics. Through the Web3 fitness platform Proground, users can earn daily token rewards ($WALK, $GRND) for walking or running, which can be used as in-app tokens to level up, craft, purchase items, and more. Superwalk’s shoe NFTs and fungible tokens will continue to expand.

At KSL2023, they will share the vivid journey that Superwalk has gone through to build the leading M2E platform in Korea. They will also share various insights into their preparations and strategies for going global beyond Korea.

1inchㅣ1inch Network Global Expansion Case Study

  • Speaker: Chaeho Shin (CFO)
  • Time: 5 Sep 15:05 – 15:20
  • Info: Website / Twitter

The 1inch Network is a network that connects multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) into one unified platform. The 1inch exchange allows users to compare and optimize cryptocurrency trades and swaps without having to go through every exchange separately. The 1inch platform can split orders to reflect price changes in real-time. It also aims to provide users with the best possible price by using an API that finds the best route for token swaps. Meanwhile, 1inch Network has also been integrated as a swap partner for Kaikas mobile, allowing Kaikas users to use the token swap function at the best price right within their wallet, via the 1inch Swap API, contributing to a more convenient and secure Klaytn DeFi ecosystem.

Since the beginning of the project, the 1inch Network has taken a region-agnostic approach, sponsoring global events across all continents and targeting regions with high potential but low cryptocurrency penetration. In particular, it has been conducting an efficient global expansion strategy through strategic partnerships, starting with BD and marketing support centered on Korea and Japan. At KSL2023, you will see examples of 1inch’s global expansion, as well as the introduction of various on-chain features available through the API.

3. Global Market Trends

SafepalㅣSafepal’s global business strategies and its analysis on the global Web3 business landscape and regulations

  • Speaker: Veronica Wong (CEO)
  • Time: 5 Sep 15:30 – 15:45
  • Info: Website / Twitter

Founded in 2018, SafePal is a comprehensive suite of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets backed by Web3 industry leaders including Binance, Animoca Brands, and Superscrypt. Through hardware wallets, mobile apps, and browser extension solutions, SafePal provides users with access to a secure cryptocurrency experience in a decentralized world. 

The SafePal platform serves over 10 million users globally in over 200 regions and countries, supports 15 languages and over 100 tokens and NFTs, and provides crypto asset management solutions such as cross-chain swapping, trading, and yield tools for its users. You can read the latest news from SafePal here

With such a rich understanding and experience in the crypto industry, at KSL2023, SafePal will share insights into the business environment and regulations in each region, as well as SafePal’s business strategy in response to them. In addition, they will discuss SafePal’s product pipeline and latest developments, as well as the process and know-how of developing related products and services using user insights and trends in the globalization landscape. In particular, the speaker, Veronica Wong, CEO of SafePal, has extensive experience in cryptocurrency UX/UI and a strong understanding of cross-chain interoperability, so you can expect to gain a variety of insights from the perspective of cryptocurrency users.

Injective LabsㅣPioneering Web3 Composability

  • Speaker: Chris Choi (Head of Product at Injective Labs)
  • Time: 5 Sep 15:45 – 16:00
  • Info: Website / Twitter

Injective Labs is a research and development company focused on creating exceptional Web3 infrastructure and financial solutions, and is one of the key contributors to Injective, an ultra-fast, interoperable Layer1 blockchain optimized for building Web3 financial applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules to create robust DApps. To create this free and decentralized future of cryptocurrency-driven finance, Injective Labs is playing a role in securing other networks within the Web3 ecosystem. 

Meanwhile, composability is one of the key elements of Web3 that shortens the development cycle of DApps and makes it easy to combine existing components or introduce additional features. Essentially, Web3 composability makes it easy to build complex systems by combining simple, modular components in various forms. This makes it easier to build and maintain software systems, or to reuse code in other projects, greatly increasing the scalability and flexibility of Web3. In this session from Injective Labs at KSL2023, you’ll hear more about how they are building and leading the way with this key element of Web3, Composability, based on their know-how in creating and operating Layer1.

4. Asia Market Trends

HashquarkㅣStaking – The Foundation of Web3

  • Speaker: Kathy Qu (Research Manager)
  • Time: 5 Sep 16:00 – 16:15
  • Info: Website / Twitter

HashQuark is the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure provider, offering full-stack infrastructure services, including node validation, rewards reporting, risk protection, advanced APIs, and more. It provides enterprise-grade validation services for more than 40 mainstream public chains, covering Asia, Europe, and North America, and is a core member of the HashKey Group.

HashQuark is participating in community activities in collaboration with Klaytn, deploying and operating nodes. In this course, they will talk about the meaning and importance of staking, one of the most popular and mainstream ways to participate in Web3. In particular, as Hashquark is an experienced company in providing Web3 infrastructure globally, they will provide insights to closely analyze all the stakes involved in staking. Furthermore, they will look at the licensing and regulatory targets for VASPs in Hong Kong, and introduce HashQuark’s technical architecture and ecosystem to cover them.

Icetea LabsㅣScaling from Zero to a Million,’s Journey – TaskFi’s Strategy for Greater Heights

  • Speaker: Vanny Ha (Ecosystem Growth Manager)
  • Time: 5 Sep 16:15 – 16:30
  • Info: Website / Twitter

Icetea Labs builds the best search and user engagement layer, with a focus on Southeast Asia. As a game hub with over 400 games and 200,000 eKYC-verified users, it helps Web3 games build their player base by building infrastructure and decentralized publishing platforms. It also operates, a leading launchpad service, with more than 65 projects launched on since 2021.

At KSL2023, we’ll explore Icetea Labs’ service pipeline with such a diverse geography and user base, and get different perspectives on their scaling journey and strategies that have allowed them to attract so many users and projects in such a short time. Meanwhile, Icetea Labs is preparing to soar to even greater heights with TaskFi, its AI-generated decentralized W2E protocol. We’ll hear the status and first-hand insights.

GuildFiㅣOverview: Thailand Crypto Market

  • Speaker: Gazinpoj (Kit) Techahuasingh (Co-founder)
  • Time: 5 Sep 16:30 – 16:45
  • Info: Website / Twitter

GuildFi is a Web3 ecosystem where games, NFTs, and communities are interconnected to maximize player benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse.GuildFi is building a system that solves discovery and access problems for Web3 players while enhancing player performance and maximizing rewards. In doing so, they are creating an ecosystem where a player’s participation and accomplishments are no longer tied to a specific guild or game, but contribute to a player’s rank and increase their lifetime benefits.

Meanwhile, the Thai cryptocurrency market, where GuildFi is based, is one of the most active markets for cryptocurrency adoption and trading. In this KSL2024 session, they will share insights into the Thai market and discuss marketing and user acquisition. Furthermore, they will share the overall status of the Thai cryptocurrency market, recent industry trends, and local insights into the Thai cryptocurrency ecosystem. In particular, Web3 projects planning to enter the Southeast Asian market, including Thailand, will gain a wealth of insights.

Klaytn Hackerhouse 2023 at KSL 2023

Calling all developers—don’t miss the Klaytn Hackerhouse that will be taking place on the 3rd floor at KSL2023 from 4 to 6 September! A continuation of the five-week Klaytn Developer Boot Camp, the Hackerhouse will feature insightful technical presentations from Klaytn Foundation and our partners, and double as a pre-event for the upcoming Klaymakers23 Hackathon in October. For more information and to register for the Klaytn Hackerhouse, please visit this page.