Inspired by the 'Metamorphic Cycle' of the planet where rocks are created, morphed, and circulated, Klaytn’s brand identity takes magma as a motif that emits powerful energy and creates sand and rocks.


The Klaytn logo is the key element used as the primary mean to represent Klaytn’s brand identity in overall communication. To correctly express the brand identity, please be well-informed of the basic principles presented in the guideline. Considering consistent brand identity and clarity, minimum margin and size regulations must be complied with, in order to avoid visual infringement from other elements.

Exclusion Zone

Minimum Size

For screen(72 dpi)

For print(300 dpi)

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Logo Don’t

This is Klaytn logo prohibition regulation. Excessive deformation and distortion of the logo can hinder brand identity, so caution is required when using it. If you need a variety of expressions of the logo or if it is difficult to judge, please consult with the Klaytn brand department.

  • We do not arbitrarily change the color of the logo.

  • Do not use logo colors in random combinations.

  • We do not arbitrarily change the spacing and arrangement of the logo.

  • We do not apply arbitrary border lines to the logo.

  • Do not change or distort the shape of the logo.

  • Do not use in a background that hinders the visibility of the logo.


As color is a key element that conveys brand identity, it is recommended to refer to the color palette and apply it according to the characteristics of the media. For accurate color reproduction, it is necessary to check visual uniformity by comparing the material to the specified color codes.


Magma Gradient

Primary Color

  • Klaytn Magma Orange


  • Klaytn Gray


  • Klaytn Orange


  • Klaytn Violet


  • Klaytn Umber