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Klaymakers23 global hackathon now open for registration!

Klaymakers23, the global flagship Klaytn hackathon co-organized by Klaytn Foundation and DoraHacks, is now open for registration. 

About Klaymakers23

The annual Klaymakers that started in 2022 is more than just a hackathon – it’s a place for Web3 developers to level up their skills through tech workshops, partner presentations, and more – before putting their newfound knowledge to the test. Last year, a record-breaking 174 entries were submitted, with 19 teams walking away with attractive prizes. Building on this, Klaymakers23 will up the game with deep-dive workshops, 3 distinct tracks, as well as a host of sponsor bounties for hackers to showcase their creativity and technical prowess.

As the flagship Klaytn hackathon for the year, Klaymakers23 aims to create solid growth in our global developer community, advancing our progress in the 2023 roadmap while creating new use cases for the Klaytn ecosystem.

Klaymakers23 Tracks

The hackathon will be organized into three tracks, with a total prize pool of over US$1 million across prizes, incubation opportunities, and infrastructure support.

1. DeFi Track

DeFi will always be a fundamental part of any blockchain ecosystem, including Klaytn’s. This track is for developers who are interested in building use cases and toolings in Decentralized Finance to support the growth of Klaytn’s DeFi ecosystem.

2. Real-World Assets (RWAs) Track

RWAs is one of the ecosystem directions that Klaytn Foundation is focusing on, and this track is for developers to take the chance to build use cases and toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem that integrate real-world assets.

3. Metaverse & Gaming Track

Klaytn is a chain optimized for metaverse and gaming development due to its high speed, stability, and low gas fee. This track is for developers who are interested in building use cases and toolings in Metaverse & Gaming to support the growth of Klaytn ecosystem in these areas.

Register today

Registrations are now open – sign up as a hacker and be the first to be notified of updates and key milestones for Klaymakers23. Tech workshops will begin soon, and submissions will be open from 10 October to 30 November. Visit the DoraHacks page for more information and to register as a Klaymakers23 hacker today, and don’t forget to join the Klaymakers23 Discord channel to get dev support. Let’s BUIDL!