Klaytn Brings the Best of Web3 to AVATARA, NX3’s First Blockchain MMORPG


  • Renowned Korean game studio NX3 employed advanced engineering techniques to seamlessly embed Web3 features on a traditional AAA MMORPG battle arena
  • AVATARA to harness Klaytn’s blockchain technology to power a suite of Web3 features, from NFT minting and crypto mining to token swaps
  • Klaytn’s fee delegation feature allows players to enjoy cost-free Web3 transactions

With the global blockchain gaming market projected to grow to USD 65.7 billion by 2027 at a 70.3% CAGR, the next wave of blockchain and metaverse mass adoption is likely to be driven by gaming experiences.

Keeping on our quest to be the metaverse blockchain for all, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the play-to-earn (P2E) action MMORPG “AVATARA” on the Klaytn blockchain! Building upon the success of Rohan M, a global MMORPG hit developed by popular Korean game studio NX3 with over $130 million revenue generated, AVATARA marks NX3’s first foray into the world of P2E gaming in collaboration with its blockchain development platform NXIO.

In addition to enabling seamless gameplay, AVATARA looks to harness Klaytn’s blockchain technology to power a suite of Web3 features, ranging from NFT minting and crypto mining to token swaps. AVATARA will also utilize Klaytn’s fee delegation feature to enable smooth onboarding for players and provide cost-free Web3 transactions.

To optimize P2E gameplay, NX3 and NXIO redesigned AVATARA’s in-game ecosystem and infrastructure from scratch, seamlessly integrating Web3 features into a traditional, action-packed AAA MMORPG battle arena. Players can mint unique avatar NFTs as characters, as well as join guilds and participate in battles, where they can earn rare in-game items NFTs and the utility token TARA. These can then be traded with other players using Klaytn’s blockchain technology, allowing players to have true ownership over their in-game assets.

With Klaytn ensuring a fast throughput of 4,000 transactions per second (TPS) and one of the lowest average latencies at 2.1s, players are able to explore Moras World, the AVATARA universe, without encountering transaction delays for game character NFTs, or TARA and NOX: the game’s respective utility and governance tokens.

In addition, AVATARA supports the use of its in-game NOX wallet, as well as Kaikas, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for the Klaytn blockchain, on both web and mobile devices for swapping NOX with KLAY. Players can also use BUSD to purchase items or character accessories through Binance Pay. NFTs from AVATARA can currently be traded on in-game marketplaces, with plans for future trading on any NFT marketplaces that support Klaytn-based NFTs.

“We are thrilled to be introducing new IP from NX3, one of Korea’s leading AAA game studios, to Klaytn. AVATARA is an exciting P2E gaming experience that prioritizes gameplay and narrative, while also leveraging Web3 infrastructure to give players ownership of their in-game assets,” said John Cho, Head of Growth at Klaytn Foundation. “Klaytn has established itself as the premier blockchain partner for the global P2E gaming industry due to its low transaction latency and gas fees. We will continue to improve our technologies to provide top-quality P2E games to a global audience.”

“We believe AVATARA’s ecosystem and gameplay will take the P2E gaming experience to a whole new level in both content and technology,” Kyuho Lee, Business Vice President at NX3 stated. “In partnership with Klaytn, we also expect AVATARA to meet the standards of discerning MMORPG players worldwide while allowing them to truly own the in-game items that they earn. NX3 will continue providing optimal services to ensure that AVATARA players around the globe enjoy their experiences with its second-to-none gaming content.”

You can now play AVATARA on both web and mobile devices. For more information, please visit AVATARA’s Medium channel.

NX3GAMES, who is in charge of the game development of AVATARA, is a professional MMORPG game developer who receives lots of attention from top-tier global game publishers. The company has since launched ‘My Pet Diary,’ a top tier project for Naver’s Zepeto, and is also in preparation for a lineup of 4 other gaming releases. In addition, NX3GAMES is currently collaborating with Ragnarok and Tree of Savior developer, CEO Kim Se-Yong of Neon Studio. More collaborations are also happening with TOPPA STUDIO, a North American studio of NX3GAMES with plans of developing content with art advisors and more who served as art directors and leads for EA, Disney, Capcom, and Ubisoft.