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Pyth Price Feeds Launch on Kaia

Kaia’s integration with the Pyth network, the largest first-party financial oracle solution that delivers real-time market data in a secure and transparent manner to over 65 blockchains, has been completed. The Pyth price feed is now live on Kaia, the largest Web3 ecosystem in Asia and fastest EVM Layer 1 public blockchain, boasting 1 second blocks, with immediate finality. 

The Kaia ecosystem is the result of a chain merge between Klaytn and Finschia, and is designed around the principles of “community,” “sustainability,” and “simplicity” as part of its mission to democratise blockchain technology for all. In line with these principles, the Pyth network provides developers building on Kaia with over 500 real-time price feeds for all major asset classes. Now, developers in the Kaia ecosystem will have simple, permissionless access to the price data they need to level up their services and serve the community. Underpinning this, Pyth’s full oracle design ensures that Kaia’s users will always enjoy a state-of-the-art on-chain experience with high frequency price updates and low latency. 

The deployment of the Pyth price feed through this integration is an important step towards launching the DeFi ecosystem on Kaia’s high-performance, large-scale consumer environment. Real-time access to granular price feeds that reflect external markets is essential for reliable, high-throughput DeFi applications. We look forward to seeing quality DeFi applications onboarding the Kaia ecosystem based on Pyth’s network capabilities.

Pyth’s high-performance, extensive, and granular price feeds will be a key component in the creation of a vibrant and diverse DeFi ecosystem, while also unlocking greater creative possibilities for builders to innovate on Kaia.

– Sam Seo, Representative Director of Klaytn Foundation

    About Pyth

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    Pyth Network is the largest first-party financial oracle solution delivering real-time market data to over 65 blockchains in a secure, transparent manner. Pyth supports 5400+ real-time price feeds across major asset classes including digital assets, equities, ETFs, FX, and commodities.

    The network comprises some of the world’s largest exchanges, market makers, and financial services providers contributing their proprietary price data on-chain for aggregation and distribution to smart contract applications. The Pyth Network’s innovative pull oracle design enables apps to “pull” the latest price onto their native chain on demand.

    In less than a year since the launch of its cross-chain pull oracle, the network has secured over $2.0B in total value. The Pyth Network has been used by DeFi protocols in over $500B in trading volume and over 360 on- and off-chain applications. For more information about Pyth, please visit the website and documentation.