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The Klaytn Community Town Hall is now on Discord!

Starting with July’s Town Hall happening today and tomorrow, the monthly Klaytn Town Hall will be held on our Discord server. Here’s a quick guide on how to join our server, verify yourself as a KLAY holder, and join the Town Hall channel!

Joining our Discord server

1. Join our Discord server here:

2. Click “verify-here”.

3. Type out the Captcha to complete your verification.

4. You will receive this message when verification is successful.

Becoming a verified KLAY holder

1. Click “holder-verification”.

2. Click “Start”.

3. A pop-up message will appear, click “Visit site”.

4. You will be redirected to an authorization website. To proceed, click “Authorize”.

5. The Discord Klaytn holder verification page will load. Connect the Klaytn wallet with your KLAY holdings. In this tutorial, we will be showing MetaMask but the following steps will be similar for all supported wallets.

6. Follow the steps presented by your wallet to connect it to the site.

7. After connecting, a signature request will appear. Click “Sign”.

8. Your holder verification is now complete and you will be assigned a new role on our Discord server based on your KLAY holdings in the connected wallet.

Joining the Klaytn Town Hall

1. You will now be able to see and join the Discord Stage named “Klaytn Town Hall”.

2. During the Q&A session, if you wish to ask a question, click on the speech bubble icon on the top right corner. A chat window will appear on the right for you to type your questions.

3. To view the presentation during the Town Hall, click on the presenter’s screen share tile to enlarge it.

4. At the end of the Town Hall, you can leave the stage by clicking the red disconnect button at the bottom.

That’s all you need to know to join our Discord Town Halls!

July 2023 Community Town Hall: Klaytn Foundation’s first half-yearly review

The upcoming Community Town Hall will be the foundation’s first half-yearly review—please attend to learn about all that we’ve accomplished in the first half of 2023! For your convenience, we’ve made the presentation slides available here.

See you at the Community Town Hall!