Recap of AMA with ATTA

We had the pleasure of hosting Ivy, Marketing Lead at ATTA, for an informative AMA session where she answered the community’s questions about ATTA and how the protocol aims to build a next-generation entertainment community. Listen to the AMA session below or read on for our recap!

Note: Some of the text have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Date & Time: July 6th at 9.30am SGT / 10.30am KST
Platform: Twitter Spaces
Ivy, Marketing Lead at ATTA
Host: Sofy, Community Manager at Klaytn Foundation


Sofy: Good morning everyone and welcome to our AMA session with ATTA. I am Sofy, community manager for Klaytn and thank you for joining us today.

Today’s session will be divided into 2 parts. We will begin with an introduction from Ivy the Marketing Lead at ATTA, followed by questions from the community that we have gathered. Without further ado, let’s welcome Ivy!

Hi Ivy! Hope that you are well and thank you for staying up to do this AMA session with us. I understand that you are based in NYC. Please do introduce yourself and share with us more about ATTA.

Ivy: Hello! My name is Ivy and I am marketing lead in ATTA. ATTA is an OGC + PUGC content protocol. ATTA aims to build a next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation that is empowered by ATTA DAO.

We envision a content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected.

Since its inception in 2020, ATTA has become a global leader in the digital content industry, bringing the film and entertainment industry online while introducing numerous influential IPs to the world. Distributed in the United States (Silicon Valley/New York/Hollywood), South Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Greater China areas, ATTA’s core team is a combination of industry veterans with decades of expertise in entertainment, web3-native entrepreneurs since blockchain’s inception in 2011, senior executives from traditional Internet giants, and Wall Street elites with years of industry experience. They share educational backgrounds from the world’s best institutions, including Harvard University, Yale University, New York University, Columbia University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, and Artcenter College of Design. 

With a world-class team and proven track record, ATTA has successfully completed multiple rounds of financing, with investors ranging from content industry giants to top Silicon Valley funds.


Sofy: Where did the idea of the project come from and the main mission of the ATTA project? What are some of the real-world issues/pain points that the ATTA Protocol aims to solve?

Ivy: Our vision is to supercharge content creators by enabling their creativity while maximizing their business value.

Intellectual property is a key component of the entertainment industry for protecting good creativity and sustainable business value. At present, the Web2 IP business model can transform the content creation process and IP licensing by means of financialization and DAO in a Web3-native way; and with a Web3 approach that endows content with various attributes to enrich IP consumption mode.

We believe that the content business, like any other real economy, can achieve a win-win situation only by helping content creators to explore and meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible.

As we uncover and meet users’ content consumption needs in all aspects, we are dedicated to maximizing the economic value for all stakeholders with a Web3-native model.

Sofy: Perhaps you could share more about ATTA and its initiatives to the community?

Ivy: The ATTA platform is about to officially launch in mid-July. We did our invite-only internal testing at the end of June, receiving great comments and positive feedback. From the support of ATTA’s friends or investors, we are finalizing the product to get ready for the official launch.

Most importantly, to kickoff the product launch, ATTA is hosting the first-ever Web3 Rolling Youth Film Festival in mid-July. The online red carpet and opening film premiere of the Festival will be held at the same time, when the official Rolling Festival Pass sale will also be open to the public. With a total of 15,000 ticket NFTs, the Rolling Festival Pass is the ticket and the pass to start the film festival journey.

The Rolling Youth Film Festival is going to become part of one of the top film festivals in Asia and the world.

Sofy: Would you be able to share more info about the Rolling Youth Film Festival?

Ivy: The 2022 Rolling Youth Film Festival will start from July 19 to October 18, 2022, and will be featured as part of the Busan International Film Festival. The festival will feature online screening, online LiveTalk, and online awarding. This event will enable global film enthusiasts  and web3 practitioners to get to know youth films, filmmakers, creators and new international films work from the Asia-Pacific region through redesigning the product from online social networking to online awarding.

The Rolling Youth Film Festival will showcase 250+ Asian-Pacific youth short films, including international short films content and study abroad related from young directors contents from animation directors.and related short films from Asia Pacific, Greater East Asia, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), and the Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF)Through the showcase of content from the three sections, participants can look at the creative ecology of young film maker in the Asia Pacific region today. 

The Rolling Youth Film Festival will also invite renowned Korean director Kang Je-gyu as chairman of the selection panel, the founder of the Busan International Film Festival, Lee Yong-gon as the advisor to the organizing committee, and Seoul Independent Film Festival president Ms. Kim as co-curator. HiShorts!  will also provide curatorial services and consultation, inviting 20 new and well-known filmmakers from China and South Korea to participate in the Live Talk.Through images, a broader Asia-Pacific film exchange context is derived, allowing  an open exchange space between young filmmakers and internationally renowned filmmakers in the Asia Pacific region.

Meanwhile, the “Rolling” Online Award will be held on-site during the Busan International Film Festival, where young filmmakers from China, Korea and other Asia Pacific regions will gather to discuss the vision of collaboration and development of young filmmakers in the Asia Pacific region entering the new era.

Sofy: What is the Rolling Festival Pass and what benefits will the Pass holder enjoy?

Ivy: The Rolling Festival Pass is the admission ticket to the Rolling Youth Film Festival, also is an NFT asset of the ATTA platform. A total of 15,000 Passes will be issued. 

Once users purchase and verify Rolling Festival Pass, they can enjoy the right to watch all movies during the festival. They can also earn $Popcorn by posting bullet chats, comments and engaging in community discussion. More $Popcorn and rewards can also be earned by participating in exclusive festival events.

While verifying the Rolling Festival Pass, users can choose to upgrade to the Deluxe Popcorn set. In addition to access to full benefits of the general admission pass, users will be able to have privileges such as doubling the $Popcorn rewards and other exclusive events.

The festival’s online red-carpet and opening film premiere is scheduled in mid-July, when the official ticket sales will kick off for $200 each. The Rolling Festival Pass will grant holders:

Access to hundreds of films

  • 3 months, 3 units, 250+ Asia-Pacific youth short films, providing an overview of young Asian-Pacific filmmakers’ creation ecosystem. 
  • Special screenings of personal works by world renowned directors

Exclusive Benefits

  • Engage in 10+ Live Talk to chat with dozens of new and renowned filmmakers
  • Vote for the award of Asia’s largest film festival
  • Virtual and on-site opening ceremony, award ceremony, red carpet, and ATTA night
  • Engage to earn Popcorn, ATTAverse Club NFT and more rewards
  • Earn Popcorn by posting bullet chats, comments, engaging in community discussions and activities
  • Become a member of the club, join the entertainment community, and build the ATTAverse Club with celebrities, directors, etc.
  • And more to come – please stay tuned!

Sofy: What is $Popcorn and would you be able to share more about the ATTAverse Club?

Ivy: $Popcorn is the official utility token of ATTA. All users would be able to earn $Popcorn by participating in activities within the entertainment community. Activities include posting bullet chats, writing comments and reviews, attending events, etc. Users will be incentivized based on their contributions, and rewards will be subject to the membership type. $Popcorn holders may consume their $Popcorn to mint the ATTAverse Club NFT to become a club member), who will enjoy the most premium rights and benefits.

For more details of the $Popcorn reward, please refer to the final document upon the product launch.

Sofy: How can I sign in my asset protected by copyright and keep the rights, considering that plagiarism is in every corner? What is your program to protect content and save copyright?

Ivy: ATTA’s technical solution to anti-piracy is as follows:

  1. Adding a video address anti-piracy chain to prevent users from getting the address to watch/download the video directly.
  2. Using the video encryption feature. If users obtained the address through technical means to download the content, it cannot be played locally and with other video players.
  3. Adding a video watermark, which can display the video playing platform and user information, so that the source can be traced.

Sofy: What is the biggest obstacle in developing a web3 project, and how will ATTA team handle it?

Ivy: There are tons of developing web3 projects out there in the market, so one of the biggest obstacles is to initiate traction – to have people understand the vision and mission as well as get their support. With a world-class team and proven track record, ATTA has successfully completed multiple rounds of financing, with investors ranging from content industry giants to top Silicon Valley funds.

Sofy: How does the film vote work, or what is the award selection mechanism?

Ivy: 250+ short films will be screened online for 12 weeks from July 19th to September 30th. During the screening period, ATTA registered member audiences can rate, vote and guess the film and participate in the corresponding “popcorn” activities. Professional filmmakers select 40 films from each unit with reference to the audience voting results.

Finally, the jury chaired by Kang je-gyu will select films from each unit with a ratio of 5%. These films will receive corresponding awards and bonuses and will be screened offline at the Busan International Film Festival. The winning creatives will also be invited to the awards ceremony held at the Busan International Film Festival.

The Rolling Youth Film Festival is an exploration of the online film festival mode combined with the communication habits of offline filmmakers. Through the voting activities of pass holder and the Live Talk guests, it will give movie fans an opportunity to deeply understand and learn Asia-Pacific movies.

Short films by master directors and award-winning short films by young Asian-Pacific directors explored the Eastern aesthetics and demonstrated the thinking and imagination of young Asian-Pacific filmmakers today. With a more inclusive vision, there is a deeper observation.

Whether it is a master director and producer, or a young filmmaker, all of them can learn from each other through this opportunity.

Sofy: Partnerships are an essential element of every project. So, who are your partners?

Ivy: Klaytn, Polygon, BNB charity, with more to come. ATTA and Klaytn Foundation have entered into a partnership that aims to help ATTA build a next-generation entertainment community. Leveraging Klaytn Foundation’s ecosystem resources to support ATTA’s product launch, the two organizations will work closely to help content creators realize their ideas, gain exposure, and protect their IP.

Following this major milestone, ATTA and Klaytn Foundation will be engaging in open discussion on onboarding more content creators and consumers. More exciting news and updates will be released in the upcoming weeks.

By pairing Klaytn Foundation’s resources with ATTA’s top-notch platform, we will be able to build a content ecosystem that enables content creators to supercharge their content and maximize their business value.

Sofy: Could you please share about the roadmap at the moment and the marketing activities of the team in the future?

Ivy: ATTA is dedicated to enriching the community with exquisite film and video content, allowing more talented creators to be seen by our users, and becoming a fertile ground for cultivating excellent content and creativity. With the development of the ecosystem, high-quality original content will promote the prosperity of PUGC and derivative content, helping good OGC content to be seen by more people.

On the other hand, with the further strengthening autonomy of ATTA’s entertainment community, users can participate in content curation through DAO, forming a flywheel effect of positive feedback and development among content consumers, OGV creators and the PUGC ecosystem. ATTA’s two major business flywheels will make the content in the ecosystem more creative and have more sustainable business value, driving the development of the content creators, content consumers, platforms and degen in the ecosystem.

Sofy: To date, what are ATTA’s achievements so far?

Ivy: Since our official launch, I’d say the hosting of the Rolling Youth Film Festival, the bevy of partners secured, and our growing fan base – our Twitter account recently reached 40,000 followers! 

But most importantly, we are creating a new generation of the content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected.

Sofy: What differentiates ATTA project from other web 3 projects? How do you market this concept to non-crypto people, considering it has the potential to attract larger investors?

Ivy: This is a good question, but also a hard one to answer. For ATTA, we recognized that the entertainment industry already has mass market appeal, and the concept of what ATTA is trying to accomplish isn’t hard for people to understand. So we focused on getting exposure through events such as the Busan International Film Festival where people gather to celebrate great content.

Sofy: What are your main priorities for the end of 2022 and 2023, and can you share any plans for the coming year? What is the main focus now for ATTA?

Ivy: To continue building. Preparations for the platform and the film festival are progressing steadily in accordance with our roadmap:

2022 Q3

  • Launch the ATTAverse Club
  • Launch sales of the Rolling Festival Pass NFT
  • Kickstart the Rolling Youth Film Festival 
  • Content supply and events hosting regarding the Rolling Youth Film Festival

2022 Q4

  • Online and offline events of Busan International Film Festival 
  • Introducing Web3 “box office” concept, IP and copyright.
  • DAO governance and content curation fund management
  • The Rolling Youth Film Festival Closing
  • Continuous content supply


  • Continuous product updates and content management
  • Shift to OGC Develop IP-based PUGC and launch PUGC-related products

Many thanks to Ivy from ATTA for taking time out of her busy schedule for our AMA! To find out more about Klaytn and join our growing global community, please follow these links below:

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