Why Klaytn is the Technology Layer of Choice for Metaverse Gaming


  • Web3 gamers often experience network latnect when sending transactions
  • Klaytn is designed with the Metaverse, GameFi, and the Creator Economy in mind
  • Klaytn is the ultimate technology layer of choice for Web3 game development because of our stability and performance, user acquisition, and PoC Gas Fee Support Program

The Importance of Native Mainnet Performance in Web3 Gaming Development

Web3 gamers often experience network latency when sending transactions, and especially for conventional gamers who are already used to the fast and seamless experiences of a Web2 environment, the slow processing speed and addition of gas fees found in Web3 games can be a hindrance to the overall gaming experience. Fast network processing speeds and seamless user experiences (low gas fees etc.) are key considerations when developers decide on a mainnet for their game. However, many existing blockchains do not yet have the technology stack that addresses these concerns.

Klaytn Is Tailored for Web3 Gaming Development

Klaytn is an open-source Layer1 public blockchain tailor designed with the Metaverse, GameFi, and the Creator Economy in mind. In particular, Klaytn is focused on creating technology layers for efficient and effective game development. Currently, more than 60 Web3 games are already taking advantage of Klaytn’s mainnet and ecosystem. Let’s take a look at why Klaytn is the ultimate technology layer of choice for Web3 game development:

1) Stability & Performance

Existing blockchains have transaction latencies (the time taken for a transaction to be included in a block) ranging from tens of seconds to minutes. Klaytn maintains a consistent transaction latency of 2 seconds. This is particularly important for Web3 games that integrate on-chain dynamics; in traditional Web2 mobile/web environments, gamers are used to instant pay-offs and low loading times, with any lag exceeding one second negatively affecting the gaming experience. In other words, the lower the transaction latency, the closer the gaming experience is to what gamers have come to expect. Klaytn’s core technology layer allows developers to build real-world experiences that meet gamers’ expectations coming from both Web2 and Web3 gaming ecosystems.

2) User Acquisition

Game developers devote a lot of resources into securing their user infrastructure with the intent of growing their gaming communities and active player base. Developing games for the Klaytn ecosystem creates synergistic opportunities to engage with almost a million gamers thanks to the active participation of AAA game developers like Netmarble, Neoply, and Kakao Games within the Klaytn gaming ecosystem as both Governance Council members and buidlers.

Klaytn Gaming Ecosystem

3) Proof of Contribution (PoC) Gas Fee Support Program

Klaytn’s native gas mechanic, already designed to lessen developer and user burden, is another important factor that makes Klaytn the optimal blockchain for game developers. To further assist developers in creating seamless AAA gaming experiences and also to help facilitate the continued growth of Klaytn’s burgeoning Game-Fi ecosystem, the Klaytn Foundation has established a Proof of Contribution (PoC) Gas Fee Support program specifically for game developers.

Through the PoC program, the Klaytn Foundation will cover 100% of the gas fees resulting from on-chain transactions generated by Klaytn-based Web3 games. The program will provide support for the following scenarios:

  1. Gas fees incurred by developer addresses designated for user fee delegation.
  2. Gas fees incurred from game developers’ addresses are used for the development and operation of their services (EOA/Contract).

To be eligible for support, game developers can apply through the PoC Gas Fee Support Program application form (Link).

Web3 Games that Play Like Games

We believe AAA web3 games featuring seamless on-chain dynamics and features will play a significant role in bringing blockchain experiences to the mainstream. Moving forward, the Klaytn core team will continue building and improving our technology stack to offer game developers the tools necessary for creating optimal gaming experiences that gamers expect. By supporting both our game developers and our gamer community, Klaytn aims to create a Web3 gaming ecosystem that is focused on bringing seamless interactivity and AAA experiences to the blockchain space. Stay tuned for more!

PoC program FAQ

Is there a deadline to apply for the PoC Gas Fee Support program?

The PoC gas fee program is an ongoing initiative, and applications will remain open for the foreseeable future till further notice. Head here to apply for our PoC Gas Fee Support Program.

Is there a limit to the gas fees covered by the PoC Gas Fee Support Program?

A maximum limit of $100,000 (denominated in KLAY) per month per applicant.

Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

Applications have no restrictions as long as you or your team is building/operating a Web3 game on Klaytn that generates on-chain transactions. However, if you are found to be taking advantage of the program, your application will be terminated immediately, and you will be excluded from future participation.

How is the POC Gas Fee Support Program funded?

The program is a sub-initiative of the Klaytn Growth Fund (KGF).

What happens upon approval?

Upon receipt and approval of PoC Gas Fee Support program applications, functionality will be implemented into Klaytnfinder (October) specific to the program. Further details will be informed to approved applicants separately.

What is the support schedule for the program?

Gas fees incurred in the previous month will be paid out to the corresponding applicant at the beginning of the following month.