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Klaytn welcomes RWA project ELYSIA

We are excited to announce the onboarding of ELYSIA, a global real-world asset (RWA) tokenization project, onto the Klaytn ecosystem.

ELYSIA is a protocol that provides an easy and convenient way to tokenize traditional real-world assets for use with their ELYFI DeFi service, which offers various RWA-based synthesized products including Real Estate Mortgage Bonds, E-commerce Accounts Receivables, and Real Estate Project Financing.

ELYFI V2 is already live on Klaytn mainnet, and can be accessed via For a quick guide on how to add the Klaytn network and use the ELYFI platform, please check out their user guide.

In line with our mission to drive mass adoption by building an on-chain RWA economy, the onboarding of ELYSIA and their ELYFI DeFi platform marks the first of many RWA projects that will pioneer Klaytn’s RWA ecosystem, bringing on-chain investment and trading opportunities for various real-world assets for the Klaytn community.

To learn more, please read the full announcement.


ELYSIA is a global real-world asset tokenization project that leverages blockchain to provide an innovative service that enables the Tokenization of various RWA products, such as residential and commercial real estate and accounts receivable, into digital assets. ELYSIA operates the DeFi platform ELYFI to promote liquidity for RWAs, building a decentralized financial ecosystem based on real-world assets, providing users with stable and profitable financial services.