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Driving Real Changes: The Road to Mass Adoption

In our 2023 roadmap, Klaytn Foundation declared our intention to transform Klaytn into the public foundational layer of tomorrow’s on-chain world by helping to realize core societal infrastructure on-chain. In the document linked below, we will be sharing the steps that we will be taking to achieve this mission, to give our community a clear vision of the on-chain future that we will be working towards.

Despite rapid development in information technology providing increased access to information, modern society is still far from transparent—with much to be improved in the area of ownership derived from relatively centralized ledgers and systems. At Klaytn Foundation, we believe that technologies such as distributed ledgers, open source-based smart contracts, and community governance in blockchain technology can solve these real-world problems. 

To advance the above, Klaytn Foundation will be using Asia—with its abundant blockchain infrastructure and friendly regulatory environment—as a geographic base, and will focus on supporting ecosystem use cases that revolve around the creation and trading of real-world assets and digital ownership assurance and value creation to catalyze a virtuous economic cycle, powered by the creation and consumption of digital assets within the on-chain ecosystem. 

The tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWA) will bring greater accessibility, transparency and security, while enabling true digital ownership will lay the groundwork for individuals to acquire value from others’ consumption of their digital assets. We believe that by solving these two problems through Klaytn’s blockchain technology, we can spark the beginnings of a more inclusive, secure, and transparent on-chain world.

Download the full document here.