Klaytn and VTVL Help Buidlers Automate Token Vesting and Distribution

Klaytn, the leading Layer 1 blockchain in Asia, is proud to announce an integration with token management provider VTVL: unlocking no code automated token vesting and distribution tools for buidlers within the Klaytn ecosystem. 

The integration will provide new infrastructure tools for developers and eliminate the need for developing custom smart contracts to automate token vesting and distributions to investors, employees, and advisors. 

Vivian Law, CEO, VTVL, said, “We often find when buidlers launch a new token, vesting and distributions are an afterthought leading to time consuming and tedious manual processes. We created our smart contract to eliminate this burden from buidlers with a no code solution that can be easily plugged into any Klaytn project.”

VTVL’s integration into Klaytn will enable Klaytn developers to mint a new token or import an existing token, create custom vesting schedules and unlock a token cap table management dashboard for greater visibility on token positions and analytics. VTVL is a non-custodial solution, enabling developers to retain full/sole control over their tokens. 

David Shin, Head of Global Group, Klaytn Foundation, said, “We warmly welcome VTVL into our ecosystem. Their automated token vesting and distribution tools will give projects greater control over their tokens at genesis while freeing up time for buidlers to work on bigger and greater things.”

Klaytn is currently supported on VTVL’s testnet and is positioned to go live on the VTVL mainnet by the end of October 2022. Buidlers on Klaytn launching a new token are recommended to connect with the VTVL team to learn how to leverage their smart contract for automated token vesting and distributions.

About VTVL

Backed by prominent investors from Eniac Ventures, Biconomy, Spice Capital, Chainalysis, Baboon VC, AAVE, and more. VTVL has built no code token management tools to empower Web3 founders and their communities. Their smart contract has completed three independent audits from Certik, Quantstamp, and C4 and currently supports 8 blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Aurora, and Klaytn. 

VTVL recently launched V2 of their platform and have secured partnerships to automate vesting and distributions of over 3 Billion tokens over the next 5 years.

Learn more about VTVL here.