Introducing the Klaytn Ambassadors

Who are the Klaytn Ambassadors?

Given our rapid global expansion, we’ve been hard at work fine-tuning our Ambassador program, and on the lookout for more Ambassadors from all across the world! By participating in our Ambassador program, you will have the opportunity to meet our internal teams, connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, assist our community by educating them about Klaytn and its ecosystem, and earn exclusive rewards!

Klaytn Ambassadors are enthusiastic members of our community who support Klaytn in a multitude of ways, including promoting Klaytn and its ecosystem, providing insights to help enhance the community experience and aiding our community. Our Ambassadors play a critical role in connecting Klaytn with all of its global users!

Klaytn ambassadors are essential for the growth of our online and physical communities. Whether it’s via your creative abilities with content production, analytical research and reporting, being a language specialist, or simply enjoy connecting with people and organizing activities and community building, ambassadors are here to serve one objective. That is, to empower one another by educating and establishing a safe and positive space for everybody.

The more passionate you are as an Ambassador, the more recognition you will receive: from exclusive swag and NFT drops, early access to Klaytn’s updates, discounts, and social recognition throughout our socials and community channels.

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Say hello to the first batch of Klaytn Ambassadors

Introducing our very first batch of incredible Ambassadors whom we onboarded in December 2021. Let us learn more about them, and please feel free to reach out or connect with them via their social media handles.


LoranceCall, in addition to being a cryptocurrency investor with a great interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), is actively exploring tokenomics of DeFi protocols for investments/development. Another area of interest for him is the use of blockchain in neuro/data science. Klaytn’s ecosystem is his favorite since they are always evolving and provide several opportunities to contribute to their growth.

Apart from having moderate to expert computing skills and strong communication skills, he likes exploring new technologies (including software development abilities), having vast expertise in an interdisciplinary field.

In his spare time, he likes coding and tinkering with DIY projects such as wood rafts. LoranceCall unwinds by watching or reading science fiction literature, comic books, and television shows.

He aspires to have a positive influence on others (including family and friends) and to live a healthy life. As a Klaytn ambassador, he would want to use this opportunity to create an open-source instructional resource regarding blockchain applications (particularly using Klaytn). This involves not just dapp creation (for novices), but also scientific research (e.g., neuro/data science).


KlaytnX is a full-time cryptocurrency investor who has also operated an informal group named Klaytn X Community from its inception. The community has been established so that its members may share valuable information, mostly from its partners.

KlaytnX believes that this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem and its community. As one of Klaytn’s largest advocates, he has high hopes for its growth and future.


As CEO of Marshmallow Jetpack, a video game studio actively involved in the crypto world, Boogy naturally has a keen interest in NFTs and NFT gaming. He is honored to lead Klapes, which is the first NFT project to be supported by the Klaytn Foundation.

Boogy, a huge supporter of the Klaytn Blockchain, is dedicated to delivering possibilities to Klaytn in order to bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western markets.

He specializes in forming strong teams to bring high-quality projects to market. He has always believed in human potential as long as individuals are empowered and believe in themselves.

Self proclaimed nerd at heart, Boogy enjoys unwinding with video games, D&D, being a dad, and working out.

His personal goals are to constantly be creating and getting the most out of life. Because crypto and NFTs are so new, there are no boundaries to how imaginative one may be. He believes that the only boundaries that exist are those that one sets for oneself. He aspires to help Klaytn to become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world.

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