Introducing Questbook, Klaytn’s grants and bounty partner

We are delighted to announce Questbook as the official Developer Grants and Bounty partner for the Klaytn developer community. Moving forward, our developer bounties and grants will be distributed via Questbook opening to our Klaytn developer community.

Questbook is a decentralized grant orchestration tool. They count other well-known blockchains among their partners, with some moving their entire grants program to Questbook.

What this means for Klaytn buidlers is that Klaytn’s developer bounties and grants will be accessible in one place, on the Klaytn page configured on Questbook. Everything will also be open and on-chain, so applicants will be able to see the status of their application in real time.

Questbook will play an integral role in helping the Klaytn Foundation rapidly expand our developer bounty programs, with many going live very soon—keep an eye out for our announcements!