Introducing our Klaytn Dev Ambassadors

We believe that a thriving developer community is the key to unlocking the full potential of our platform.

In an effort to create a more meaningful community around the Klaytn mainnet, we launched our inaugural Klaytn Dev Ambassador Program, which aims to encourage more developers to engage and buidl on our platform.

In December 2022, the first batch of 18 Klaytn Dev Ambassadors was recruited for the first half of this year. Careful selection was made based on their experience in blockchain development, whether they were developing on the Klaytn mainnet, and their willingness to contribute to the blockchain industry and the Klaytn community.

These Ambassadors will play a crucial role in advancing the development of the Klaytn Mainnet and will have the opportunity to grow alongside it. To support their efforts, the Klaytn Dev Ambassador Program provides a range of opportunities and benefits for participating developers:

Research activities that contribute to the development of the Klaytn Mainnet

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of blockchain, technology trends are constantly changing and new developments often stem from philosophical underpinnings. Klaytn Dev Ambassadors will have exciting opportunities to engage with the Klaytn development team, mentors, and fellow ambassadors in active discussions on the latest trends and ideas. They’ll also be encouraged to brainstorm and propose innovative ideas that can directly contribute to the growth of the Klaytn Mainnet. Their ideas will be shared through remote seminar sessions, providing a forum for constructive discussion and feedback.

Learning from Klaytn core developers

Klaytn Dev Ambassadors also have the opportunity to communicate with Klaytn core developers and other members of the Foundation, which allows them to continue research and development related to the Klaytn Mainnet from an objective perspective. This program also serves as a springboard for them to maintain an active industry network in the future.

Meet Our Dev Ambassadors

🇲🇺Paul Oladimeji

“I hope to be able to educate and onboard many more people into Web3, and the Klaytn ecosystem in particular. I hope to accomplish this by creating and sharing educational content such as articles/videos, and organizing events/workshops targeted at non-technical professionals who are interested in participating in the blockchain industry.

I’d also like to connect with experts and enthusiasts in the community & Klaytn ecosystem, in order to grow my professional network and collaborate on projects.”


  • Student at Temasek Polytechnic
  • More info about Ara
  • Discord: leoosui#3689
  • Twitter: @yeetandleat

🇸🇬Suresh Pillay



  • Community leader in Vietnam’s Web3 community
  • Sees web3 as a community thing, so working towards making himself into a community leader that will naturally lead to income opportunities
  • More info about 0xStim
  • Twitter :

🇻🇳Henry Pham




  • Full-stack engineer at Singapore-based blockchain startup
  • Winner of Covalent Hackathon
  • More info about Hellocryptokr
  • Github:


  • Klaymakers22 winner (X-letter)
  • Member of Ehwachain, Ewha Womans University, Korea



“ When I was developing on Klaytn, I felt that the advantages of high TPS, instant finality and low gas costs made it easier to develop on Klaytn compared to other chains. However, I felt that Klaytn was not yet accessible to many developers, so I applied to be a dev ambassador to help make Klaytn more attractive to developers.

I believe that there is an opportunity for mutual development through many exchanges and collaborations with Klaytn’s core developers and other ambassadors. As an ambassador, I also want to introduce Klaytn to many users and developers.”

Minkyu Song


  • Klaymakers22 Final list (nftime)
  • Experience participating in Hanwha X Hashed Protocol Camp


  • Klaymakers22 winner (D-AD)
  • Kwangwoon University Blockchain Society ‘De-Butler’ Management Team

Dongjun Na


  • Member of ‘High Block’ Blockchain Society, Hanyang University
  • Chainlink Community Advocate

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