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Introducing the Ignite On Klaytn Program

Background of the Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) Program

A host of high quality DApps enjoyed by a pioneering community is the key to strengthening Klaytn’s ecosystem. However, we are still in the early stages of the Web3 market, and it is incredibly challenging to create and operate exceptional DApps alone. The new Ignite On Klaytn Program is designed to help DApp developers overcome this challenge, by providing them with highly practical and extensive support to enable the creation of outstanding DApps on Klaytn.

Program details

The Ignite On Klaytn Program is a one-stop solution designed to support DApp developers and enhance the Klaytn ecosystem. In line with the Klaytn 2023 Vision Map, IOK will contribute towards seamless builder onboarding by providing pragmatic and comprehensive support across the technical, economic, and business aspects for DApp developers.

This will allow DApp developers to focus solely on product development while industry experts take care of other crucial aspects, such as wallets, API nodes, oracles, marketing & community building, on-chain data analytics, De-Fi, Game-Fi, development outsourcing, and more.

IOK will provide program participants with at least two options for each service category, ensuring flexibility and choice. Additionally, every service provider in the IOK Program has been carefully evaluated by Klaytn Foundation to ensure the delivery of top-tier services, with quarterly evaluations to maintain the quality of the program. 

Klaytn Foundation has already established partnerships with over 150+ partners across 10+ categories including wallets, infra tools, oracles, bridges, CEXs, DEXs, and more. ​​

By establishing strong partnerships with these providers, we will be able to facilitate meaningful collaborations between them and DApp developers. 

The IOK Program is open to both existing Klaytn DApps and new DApp projects looking to onboard. To maximize the positive impact of the IOK Program, all applicants will be screened by Klaytn Foundation, with the DApp projects that demonstrate the highest potential invited to participate.

Benefits of the Ignite On Klaytn Program

For DApps

  • Time and cost-savings
    DApps can save time and costs by easily finding reliable partners through the program.
  • Quality services
    DApps can receive industry-leading quality services at reasonable prices.
  • Networking opportunities
    DApp developers can benefit from networking opportunities with top-tier players in the industry.
  • Focus on product development
    DApp developers can concentrate solely on developing their products, as professional assistance is available for other crucial aspects.

For Partners

  • Attracting and retaining customers
    Partners can consistently attract and retain customers through their involvement in the IOK program.
  • Building references
    Partners can accumulate excellent references over time, enhancing their reputation in the industry.
  • Networking opportunities
    Partners can also take advantage of networking opportunities with top-tier players.

How the IOK Program will operate

For Infrastructure Partners

  1. Apply for the Ignite On Klaytn Program as a service provider.
  2. Klaytn Foundation will review the application.
  3. If approved, Klaytn Foundation and the applicant will discuss and agree on the services and pricing to be provided.
  4. Potential DApp developers will be introduced on an ongoing basis.
  5. Service providers will be matched with highly prospective DApp developers.

For DApp Developers

  • Apply for the Ignite On Klaytn Program as a DApp developer.
  • Klaytn Foundation will review the application.
  • If approved, the DApp project will be invited to select their preferred service providers from the curated list.
  • The project will then be able to build with top-tier service providers at reasonable prices.

Applying for the IOK Program

Ignite On Klaytn will open for applications soon—keep an eye out on our Developer Portal for the upcoming program page!

The Ignite On Klaytn Program is a key component that will contribute towards Klaytn Foundation’s goal of collaboratively transforming Klaytn into the public foundational layer for tomorrow’s on-chain world. We appreciate the support from all the participating infrastructure partners, and we’re looking forward to helping more DApp developers build the next unicorn on Klaytn!