Klaytn Governance Council Updates for March 2023

Since our announcement in July 2022, we have been steadily progressing towards crypto-first governance, with Klaytn Governance Council (GC) members that have a limited capacity to contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem gradually stepping down and making way for crypto-first and crypto-native organizations. In line with this direction, we are pleased to announce a series of incoming changes to the Klaytn GC.

Firstly, LG Electronics will be withdrawing from the GC as their mutually agreed-upon Core Cell Operator (COO) period has ended and the decision was made to not extend it further. Secondly, Hashed-Ozys, which has been serving as a joint GC, has split into separate entities. Moving forward, both Hashed and Ozys will become individual GC members, with Ozys taking over the current Hashed-Ozys node and Hashed operating a new node. And last but not least, three leading contributors to the Klaytn ecosystem — MARBLEX, PlayDapp, and DoraHacks — will be joining the Klaytn GC in April 2023.

You can learn more about the new Klaytn GC members below, along with their respective commitments to strengthen and grow the Klaytn ecosystem. Klaytn Foundation welcomes all the new GC members, and we look forward to their active contribution to the Klaytn ecosystem in the near future!

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. DoraHacks has over 500,000 active users globally, and to date has given out more than $30 million in grants and hackathon prizes to over 3,000 projects. DoraHacks provides their global developer community with not just hackathons, but also secondary funding, privacy voting, and other community governance funding toolkits.

In 2022, the Klaytn Foundation and DoraHacks co-organized the Klaymakers22 hackathon with great success, attracting a record-breaking 174 qualified submissions — the highest number received for a single hackathon on the platform. Klaymakers22 paved the way for more developers to experiment with their Web3 ideas on top of Klaytn, and experience the process of hands-on development.

As a GC member, DoraHacks has proposed various agendas to contribute to the creation of a robust ecosystem centered on the developer community, including:

GrantDAO utilizing KLAY block rewards: As a GC and Core Cell Operator (CCO), DoraHacks will allocate 70% of the block rewards they receive from node operation to developer incentives, such as seasonal hackathons or grant programs on the Klaytn network, including Klaymakers23.

Build a collaborative grant program for builders: DoraHacks will design a builder grant program with a long-term perspective to help the Klaytn ecosystem become more decentralized and transparent. Some examples include a second round of funding to allocate grants based on community voting results, as well as a Klaytn bounty program to encourage translation, research, design, and community recommendations for the creation of Klaytn projects.

About Ozys

Ozys is a full-stack blockchain technology developer, active in the blockchain space across professional development areas. It operates KlaySwap, the leading DeFi platform with the highest TVL on Klaytn. Ozys also operates Orbit Bridge, a blockchain bridge service, which is ranked 7th globally among blockchain bridge services and boasts robust technology and infrastructure.

Ozys has already made significant contributions to the creation and expansion of Klaytn’s DeFi ecosystem. Beyond KlaySwap and Orbit Bridge, Ozys also developed and operates the KLAYStation staking platform and Klaytnscope block explorer. Moving forward, Ozys will continue to strengthen the infrastructure it operates as a Klaytn GC and expand the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem.

About Hashed

Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders. Based in Seoul and Silicon Valley, Hashed is focused on connecting the blockchain ecosystems in the US and Asia to accelerate mass adoption. Their portfolio includes representative blockchain projects such as Aptos, Cosmos, Archway, Ethereum, LINK, and NEAR, and the team themselves are also building decentralized applications, games, tools, and infrastructure.

Hashed has been contributing to the Klaytn ecosystem since 2019 with a particular focus on mass adoption in Korea, and they continue to work productively towards the same goal today. As a Klaytn GC, Hashed is expected to make a significant contribution to the popularization of Klaytn and the integration of the network in the US blockchain market.


MARBLEX played the biggest role in revitalizing the Klaytn gaming ecosystem even before joining the GC. As a blockchain service company that originated from Netmarble, a top global game publisher, MARBLEX is working to apply blockchain ecosystems to Netmarble’s games. Many of Netmarble’s mega-hit games, such as A3: Still AliveKing of Fighters Arena, and Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, are powered by MARBLEX.

Those familiar with Klaytn’s GC would know that Netmarble — the company that supplies game content to MARBLEX’s Web3 gaming ecosystem — is an existing Klaytn GC member, and the move to onboard MARBLEX as a separate GC member will allow them to contribute more to the Klaytn ecosystem. MARBLEX expressed its ambition that joining as a separate GC member will allow for clearer definition of the roles and contributions of Netmarble and MARBLEX, giving them the opportunity to showcase their expertise. Moving forward, Netmarble will focus on contributing to the Web2 leverage of the Klaytn ecosystem, and MARBLEX will contribute responsibly to the expansion of Klaytn’s Web3 ecosystem.

About PlayDapp

PlayDapp is a Dapp builder focused on NFT, P2E, and the Metaverse, best known for developing Dozer Bird and Crypto Dozer, the #1 and #2 games on Ethereum. PlayDapp has also been ranked #1 on the Polygon Marketplace, and is currently ranked #6. Additionally, PlayDapp also operates an SDK and service that supports the development of tournament-style games called ‘Tournament’.

PlayDapp also has a history of successful collaborations with domestic Web2 giants. It has partnered with Samsung Everland to implement a metaverse space, built an NFT management service that facilitates NFT trading and purchase participation with KB Card, and developed a metaverse and NFT-based digital IP with IPX (Line Friends).

As a Klayn GC, PlayDapp will contribute to Klaytn’s expansion centered on the metaverse and NFT ecosystem, including:

Leveraging Kaikas and Klip: The PlayDapp marketplace and killer dApps will be integrated with Kaikas, and PlayDapp will also combine KakaoTalk and Klip to develop emojis and PFPs for KakaoTalk.

Leverage PlayDapp killer services and community: PlayDapp will integrate KLAY with the Tournament SDK to significantly increase scalability. PlayDapp will also support NFT-fy for user-generated posts on DCInside, and take the lead in organizing airdrops and NFT promotions to attract users.