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Advancing our crypto-first governance strategy


  • Klaytn will focus on onboarding more crypto-first organizations into our Governance Council
  • In line with this new governance strategy, Worldpay and Amorepacific will be stepping down from the Governance Council by the end of July
  • NFTBank and Jump Crypto will be joining the Governance Council on 22 July 2022

The world is awakening to the potential of Web3 and the metaverse. Major brands around the world have either already jumped onboard or have concrete plans to do so, and the eventual passing of this crypto winter will see the rise of successful crypto-native organizations as new leaders of industry.

As the world takes another step towards the metaverse, the time has come for Klaytn to shift its governance strategy. Moving forward, Klaytn will focus on onboarding more Web3 and crypto-first organizations to our Governance Council (GC). Beyond collectively leading Klaytn towards our vision for the metaverse, these new GC members will also be able to play a greater role in directly contributing to and strengthening the Klaytn ecosystem.

In line with our new direction for Klaytn governance, there will be a series of changes to our Governance Council members. Worldpay and Amorepacific will be stepping down as GC members by the end of July, and will be succeeded by NFTBank and Jump Crypto which will both be onboarded to the GC on 22 July 2022.


NFTBank is a leading NFT portfolio management service that drastically improves visibility to NFT portfolios spread across different wallets and blockchains. Powered by its in-house price prediction model that uses historical sales data and NFT metadata, NFTBank allows its users to accurately predict market value of individual NFTs in over NFT 1,600 projects and counting. NFTBank also currently provides reliable NFT price feeds to decentralized oracles including ChainLink, which can be used to power DeFi use cases such as NFT collateralized loans, swaps and indexes.

As a GC member, we expect NFTBank to bring many innovations to the Klaytn ecosystem that will help developers to leverage and build decentralized services.

To learn more about NFTBank, please visit

Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto are builders, partners, and traders working towards the next frontier in crypto infrastructure. Jump Crypto started as an intern project at Jump Trading Group, a research and technology-driven quantitative trading firm that was at the forefront of electronic trading more than twenty years ago. The combination of the seasoned team of engineers and problem solvers along with the brightest minds in the crypto ecosystem today have played an integral role in the development of the largest and most important communities in crypto today.

Jump Crypto’s partnership with Klatyn will focus on growing liquidity and users in the ecosystem, joining the Klaytn Foundation as a Governance Council member, and working with the Wormhole Foundation to integrate Klatyn.

To learn more about Jump Crypto, please visit

NFTBank and Jump Crypto are the first of many. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be unveiling more changes to our GC as we transition towards crypto-first governance. Watch this space!