Community AMA Announcement – Discussing the Current State of the Klaytn Ecosystem


Upcoming AMA

  • Topic: The Current State of the Klaytn Ecosystem
  • Speaker: Sam Seo, Chief Klaytn Officer
  • Where: Twitter Spaces
  • When: November 11, 2022 7pm KST

Via this week’s [3Q Klaytn Ecosystem Updates], the Klaytn team has been providing the community with full coverage of our ecosystem optimization and sustainability initiatives. In addition to current efforts, the Klaytn Team will be scheduling a community AMA session Sam Seo, the Representative Director of the Klaytn Foundation, to provide more direct insights into what we have accomplished, are achieving and the road ahead. Sam will also take the time to answer questions from the community.

The upcoming AMA will be conducted as an audio AMA via Twitter Spaces, during which community members will be able to ask questions directly to Sam and the Klaytn team. 

Klaytn Ecosystem Community AMA

*This AMA will be held only in Korean only.


November 3, 2022 at 7 pm @Klaytn_KR Twitter Spaces

AMA Agenda

  • Part 1: Klaytn Ecosystem Support Initiatives
  • Part 2: Community AMA


Sam Seo, Representative Director of Klaytn Foundation

State of the Klaytn Ecosystem – Community AMA is just one of many upcoming initiatives the Klaytn Team are pursuing to move forward with our goal of achieving a long-term, sustainable ecosystem.

[3Q Klaytn Ecosystem Update]
The 3Q Klaytn ecosystem updates will cover key initiatives the Klaytn team is currently undertaking in our continued efforts to achieve an optimal and sustainable Klaytn ecosystem.