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Easily Onboard DApp users on Klaytn with Web3 Social Logins


As the Web3 ecosystem keeps booming and growing in creating widely adopted products, there is a pressing need for new users to be easily onboarded without having to worry about storing their seed phrases or go through the hurdle of managing their cryptographic keys. In previous times, the creation and setting up of a crypto wallet has always been a pain in the neck for new users, leaving users with the responsibility of safekeeping and ensuring access to their seed-phrases, which oftentimes has proven not user friendly. 

Now, with the advent of web3 social login, new users can now be onboarded as quickly as possible with their traditional sign-in methods (such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, e.t.c. ) thus removing the hurdle of creating and setting up a crypto wallet. It’s as simple as a user submitting one of their social account’s username and password, so dApps can generate a wallet for use on-the-go.  By the end of this tutorial, you would have learnt about web3 social login, its benefits, the existing web3 login providers on Klaytn. 

What is Social Login in Web3?

Just like traditional social login, social login in web3 is an approach devised to facilitate the smooth onboarding of users by using their existing social networking sites credentials. With a single click, new users can login to a dApp, eliminating the friction created by setting up a wallet or managing cryptographic keys.  Social login is  fast becoming a widely used approach in the web3 space as it is proven to be a win-win situation for: 

  1. users:  interactions with Web3 becomes smoother, reducing the friction created by setting up wallets, transactions, signatures e.t.c
  2. developers or businesses: simplify the creation of user-friendly dApps.

Benefits of Social Login in Web3

  1. Enhanced User Experience: With social logins, the onboarding process for new users becomes seamless, familiar and user-friendly and complex key management tasks tied to setting up crypto wallets will be eliminated. 
  2. Seamless and simplified recovery: Once a user loses their seed phrase or access to wallet, the funds are mostly irrecoverable. However, social logins providers in web3 have built in recovery systems such that a user can still recover their key. 
  3. Increased Adoption:  The convenience and increased user experience that social logins offers, helps facilitate the onboarding of more users to the world of web3, boosting overall adoption and usage of dApps and digital assets.
  4. Identity authentication and verification: Social networking sites have identity authentication and verification in place; hence integrating social login into dApps can enhance Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for compliant decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Web3 Social Login Providers on Klaytn

With the advent of web3 social login, web2 accustomed users can easily interact and explore dApps by simply submitting their social login credentials for platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Github, Twitch or Email. Users don’t need advanced blockchain knowledge any longer to interact with platforms and dApps, thanks to web3 social login providers.Now, with just a few lines of codes, you can build a dApp that is user friendly, and has a seamless onboarding experience. The following are the web3 login providers that have integrated with Klaytn to help developers or businesses build dApps with an easy onboarding process.  

  1. Web3Auth: Web3Auth is a wallet infrastructure that is plugged into dApps or wallets. It serves as a pluggable authentication infrastructure for web3 wallets and applications. With Web3Auth’s excellent user excellence, both mainstream and crypto natives may be onboarded in a matter of minutes. To integrate web3Auth into your dApp, head over to this guide to get started.
  2. Particle Network: Particle Network is the intent-centric, modular access layer of Web3. With Particle’s Smart Wallet-as-a-Service, developers can curate a seamless user experience through modular and customizable EOA/AA embedded wallet components. Using MPC-TSS for key management, Particle can streamline user onboarding via their Web2 accounts –such as Google accounts, email addresses, and phone numbers. To integrate Particle Network into your dApp, head over to this guide to get started.
  3. Privy:  Privy is a simple wallet toolkit for progressive authentication in web3. With Privy, developers can onboard users using traditional and web3 authentication methods, enabling progressive onboarding to boost user conversion. To integrate Privy into your dApp, head over to this guide to get started.


Social logins are another huge step forward for the blockchain industry and one that will draw in a massive amount of new users. At Klaytn Foundation, we believe social login offers a user-friendly and seamless authentication method that enables dApps to easily onboard users. 

For more information about building on Klaytn, kindly visit Klaytn Docs. And if you have any other questions, please feel free to drop by our Discord and ask!