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DeFi Kingdoms is now live on Klaytn!


  • DeFi Kingdoms officially relaunched its Serendale realm on Klaytn.
  • New utility token, JADE, to be minted through upcoming native DEX, and will be used for all game-play related features in Serendale.
  • Enhanced security to ensure smoother GameFi experience without concerns related to data theft.

We’re pumped to announce the launch of DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale on the Klaytn blockchain!

First launched in August 2021, DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is characterized by its unique, 16-bit classic RPG game graphics that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The cross-chain, play-to-earn game combines features such as user character developing and growing, items farming, and quest participating with DeFi services, crypto mining and staking as well as liquidity support and NFT production in a casual, gamified format.

Within DFK’s world, there are two in-game realms: Serendale and Crystalvale. These are respectively supported by Klaytn and DFK Chain, an Avalanche subnet. In-game bridging services will fully support bridging between DFK Chain and Klaytn for a seamless multichain player experience. On the first day of launching on Klaytn, over 10 million JEWEL, DFK’s ecosystem token, was bridged to the Serendale realm.

In addition to supporting Kaikas wallet integration, the Serendale realm will also feature a new utility token, JADE, which will be minted through a native DEX to be launched, and used for all game-play related features in Serendale.

“With the lowest possible transaction latency and gas fees, Klaytn is one of the ideal blockchain technologies for GameFi services, and we are excited that Klaytn is powering DeFi Kingdoms’ Serendale realm,” John Cho, Head of Growth at Klaytn Foundation said. “DeFi Kingdoms contributes remarkably to the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem by ensuring more than 80% of transactions. We expect that our partnership with DeFi Kingdoms will help Klaytn reinforce its global presence and liquidity simultaneously.”

“DeFi Kingdoms was designed for fun, gamified DeFi experiences rather than requiring users to conduct complicated transactions on traditional blockchain DEX protocols,” Beetle Dude, Director of Application at Kingdom Studios stated. “With Klaytn’s stronghold in Korea as well as its excellent compatibility, we look forward to accelerating the relaunch of our Serendale realm in South Korea and beyond. In addition, the enhanced security of our platform will allow our users to explore Serendale without concerns related to data theft.”

First time playing DeFi Kingdoms? Enter the Serendale realm here.

About Kingdom Studios

Kingdom Studios is best known for being the project administrator for DeFi Kingdoms, a play-to-earn game that is changing the GameFi landscape. Kingdom Studios was created from a dream to embrace the full potential of the blockchain in game form. The team is realizing that dream by providing services to DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale, Crystalvale, and DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain. Kingdom Studios is proud to be innovating the play-to-earn and cross-chain gaming space with a core goal of making Decentralized Finance accessible to all.

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