ATTA brings content creators into the Klaytn metaverse

ATTA and Klaytn Foundation have entered into a partnership that aims to help ATTA build a next-generation entertainment community. Leveraging Klaytn Foundation’s ecosystem resources to support ATTA’s product launch, the two organizations will work closely to help content creators realize their ideas, gain exposure, and protect their IP.

As part of the partnership, Klaytn Foundation will be sponsoring $250,000 in KLAY to help ATTA kick off its sensational film festival, which will start in July. Following this major milestone, ATTA and Klaytn Foundation will be engaging in open discussion on onboarding more content creators and consumers. More exciting news and updates will be released in the upcoming weeks.

By pairing Klaytn Foundation’s resources with ATTA’s top-notch platform, we will be able to build a content ecosystem that enables content creators to supercharge their content and maximize their business value. 

About ATTA

ATTA aims to build a next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation that is empowered by ATTA DAO. We strive to create a new generation of the content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected. We believe that the content business, like any other real economies, can achieve a win-win situation only by helping content creators to explore and meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible. As we uncover and meet users’ content consumption needs in all aspects, we are dedicated to maximizing the economic value for all stakeholders with a web3-native model. With the core team combining industry veterans with decades of expertise in entertainment and web3 native entrepreneurs, our vision is to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.