AlphaWallet and Klaytn move to create a seamless metaverse


  • Klaytn is working to create frictionless worlds by integrating AlphaWallet into its blockchain.
  • AlphaWallet is set to bring real use cases onto Klaytn’s network, ranging from wallets to NFTs and gaming.

It’s undeniable — the line between our digital and physical worlds is becoming increasingly blurred. As our online identities evolve in scale and complexity, crypto tokens could soon play a central role in our lives. They are the cornerstone of blockchain adoption, creating truly frictionless markets and deep integrations of web services.

As such, Klaytn is set to onboard open-source blockchain apps platform AlphaWallet. This integration aims to push the adoption of real use cases in the metaverse. Powered by Smart Token Labs, AlphaWallet will bring in its existing services that range from token interface and NFTs to gaming and entertainment. Such a partnership will no doubt contribute to the open-source development and improvement of Klaytn’s network.

AlphaWallet lets you interact and use your token features without much fuss

As the only 100% open-source wallet in the world so far, AlphaWallet is already an exceptional name in the industry. It is the first NFT wallet as well as first mobile wallet to use on-device Secure Enclave. The platform also utilizes the TokenScript framework, allowing tokens to become so-called ‘smart’. It means that tokens can communicate and interact seamlessly with various dapp smart contracts.

Through AlphaWallet’s integration with Klaytn’s network, users can expect high-quality privacy and security standards for blockchain transactions in the metaverse. It will culminate in the development of a real token economy that has intrinsic value. Ultimately, both Klaytn and AlphaWallet are set to become the bridge to everything in Web3, metaverse, and beyond.

About Smart Token Labs

Australian blockchain company Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. It has built two highly successful open source products, TokenScript and AlphaWallet. Backed by high profile investors like Mark Cuban, Framework Ventures, and, TokenScript has delivered more than 30 smart token projects. AlphaWallet is also a key standout, having established itself as the most forked open source wallet on Ethereum.