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What kind of chain should Klaytn be?

The following is a part of a regular Foundation communique in which Sam shares his thoughts with other Foundation members. The content of the original communique has been repurposed for sharing with the community. We as an organization chose to do this to provide the broader Klaytn community with insights and visibility into how the Klaytn Foundation works as an organization.

Since Klaytn’s inception, this question about the long-term direction and future of Klaytn is one that we have been constantly asked, and ask ourselves, even till today. The answer to this is different for everyone. Some would answer from a technical perspective, while others from an economic perspective. 

When I first joined GroundX and participated in the development of Klaytn, the future of Klaytn for me was to become a global open-source platform with excellent technology and an easy development environment. Today, Klaytn to me has expanded beyond a technology platform to a blockchain ecosystem for anyone to live and fulfill their dreams in. Of course, that is just from my personal perspective. To answer the question of what kind of chain Klaytn should be, we thought it was most important to first define the values that Klaytn stands for. These values will help Klaytn remain steadfast in our course no matter how much things change. 

The mission and vision of Klaytn were created from these thoughts. Klaytn’s mission is to make a better world through blockchain technology. I don’t think it needs saying that the world we live in today is struggling with issues of fairness and transparency. At Klaytn Foundation, we believe that blockchain technology, characterized by transparency, has the potential to solve these issues—and that Klaytn should strive to contribute towards building a transparent and fairer society.

To achieve this, our vision is for Klaytn to become the public foundational layer for tomorrow’s on-chain world. To create a transparent and fair society, many elements of the world we live in need to be implemented on-chain—especially in areas of participation, contribution, and reward. Just as we use electricity and the internet in our daily lives without understanding how they work, we imagine blockchain technology permeating daily life and becoming an underlying technology. 

With this, it becomes clear what kind of chain Klaytn needs to be. For Klaytn to be the core infrastructure for this on-chain world, it would need to be easy to develop for, and primed for adoption by the masses. To this end, we have defined the Mass Adoption Trifecta, which consists of sustainable tokenomics, verifiability, and collectiveness—the three key characteristics that we at Klaytn Foundation will tirelessly pursue to help build a fair and transparent future for all.

Until next time,

Sam Seo
Representative Director, Klaytn Foundation