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Tokenized gold mining bond to join Klaytn’s growing RWA ecosystem 

Klaytn Foundation has signed an MOU with CREDER, developer of a Web3 RWA DeFi platform, and Green-X, a leading digital asset exchange in Malaysia, to expand Klaytn’s Real World Asset (RWA) ecosystem through the tokenization of gold mining bonds. Beyond this, the foundation will also cooperate with CREDER to activate RWA tokenization projects based on Green-X exchange-listed U.S. gold mining bonds, precious metals, real estate, rare earths, antiques, and more. 

Expanding Asia’s largest Web3 ecosystem with tokens backed by gold mining rights

The foundation and CREDER are working together to launch tokenized US gold mining bonds in June through a Klaytn-native version of Dignity Gold (DIGau), originally issued by Dignity Gold LLC which owns a number of gold mines in the United States. After DIGau, CREDER will integrate various RWA digital assets traded on Green-X onto its RWA digital assetization platform ‘The Mining Club’. The Mining Club will be migrated to the merged Klaytn-Finschia mainnet codenamed Project Dragon, that is scheduled to launch in the first half of this year. 

Towards inclusive and accessible tokenized RWA securities

Green-X, a Malaysia-based digital exchange and wholly-owned subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed ‘Greenpro Capital’, holds Sharī‛ah certification along with a digital asset and token stock exchange license from the Malaysian government. Sharī‛ah certification means that the company complies with Islamic law, and is a key criteria for investors from the 1.8 billion-strong global Muslim community.

Through this collaboration, the foundation, CREDER, and Green-X plan to make a wide range of Sharī‛ah-compliant physical-based digital assets available for trading on DeFi platforms, providing more convenient, reliable, and diverse investment opportunities for users around the world. This is also expected to evolve traditional RWA investments, which typically rely on market arbitrage, into various value-added vehicles.

CREDER, which already issues gold NFTs and gold tokens, will quickly expand its market by launching various RWA products such as real estate and rare earths through this collaboration. We will collaborate with many global companies to become the largest RWA company in Asia.

Dae Hoon Lee, CEO of CREDER

Green-X started developing a security token marketplace four years ago to ensure compliance, financial discipline, and accountability on a centralized platform. Our collaboration with CREDER and Klaytn in the DeFi space is a game-changer for the RWA business, complementing each partner’s strengths in their respective areas. We are excited to see more innovation in the expanding digital finance and investment space.

Philip Tam, CEO of Green-X

We are very pleased to see the steady tokenization of new real-world assets (RWAs) from various regions on the Klaytn mainnet. The foundation will strive to continue identifying and supporting DeFi projects that benefit our users, with the goal of creating mainstream DeFi adoption across Asia powered by our merged mainnet with Finschia.

Sangmin Seo, Director of Klaytn Foundation


Goldstation l The Mining Club

Founded in 2022, CREDER is a joint venture between ITCEN, a company specializing in digital transformation (DX), and BPMG, a blockchain company. CREDER is conducting the first 100% physical gold-based RWA (Real World Asset) tokenization project in Korea and has developed a DeFi platform to issue and utilize gold NFTs and tokens that are linked to physical gold. CREDER is also currently a member of Klaytn’s Governance Council.

About Green-X 

Green-X is the first ESG Shariah-compliant digital asset exchange licensed by the Malaysian government and a global leader in the tokenization, listing, and trading of real-world assets such as gold mines, sapphires, ceramics, new energy, and rare earths. Its parent company, GreenPro, is a Nasdaq-listed company with offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. GreenPro has successfully executed more than 60 initial public offerings across multiple global traditional financial markets, and is involved in startup incubation and corporate development through venture capital in major countries.