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Bringing in Klaytn’s next 10 million users with SafePal

SafePal, a multi-chain crypto wallet suite, has integrated Klaytn, adding support for native Klaytn assets and established Dapps in its latest version update.

Comprising a hardware wallet, mobile app, and browser extension, integration with SafePal will give their 10 million users worldwide seamless access to the Klaytn ecosystem, while also giving existing Klaytn ecosystem participants another refined self-custodial wallet solution to manage their Klaytn-based assets with.

Beyond network integration, SafePal will also be integrating established Klaytn DApps such as Klayswap, DeFi Kingdoms, Pala, Kleva Protocol, and Swapscanner, as well as potentially looking to add Korean to the 15 languages it currently supports, to fully empower users to manage native tokens and assets on the Klaytn network seamlessly across SafePal’s wallet suite.

“Klaytn is a leading blockchain in Korea for Web3 and DeFi, so this partnership made perfect sense, as we want users to access exciting opportunities in all established ecosystems globally.” said Veronica Wong, CEO and co-founder of SafePal.

Creating more channels for users to interact with the Klaytn ecosystem is one of the key priorities of Klaytn Foundation, and enabling access to SafePal’s 10 million strong global user base brings us another step closer towards achieving the Mass Adoption Trifecta.

To learn more, read the full press release here.