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Public Web3 campaign ‘Incheon Universe NFT Project’ launched on Klaytn Mainnet

In its 2023 Vision Map, the Klaytn Foundation declared its intention to democratize blockchain technology to create a better world. We are pleased to announce a collaboration that best aligns with this vision. 

The Incheon City has launched the Incheon Universe NFT Project on Klaytn Mainnet, the first urban public Web3 campaign of its kind in the world.

The Foundation has been providing technical support and advisory services for the launch of the ‘Incheon Heroes NFT’ on the Klaytn platform. These NFTs will also be utilized as a membership for the project. On Wednesday, October 25th, the city of Incheon will host the first minting event for the Incheon Heroes NFT, marking the grand finale of the Incheon Universe Project. 

The Incheon Universe Project is designed to introduce the natural, cultural, historical, and technological heritage of Incheon, one of the largest metropolitan cities in Korea, while expanding interaction with citizens based on Web3 technology that facilitates online communication. The NFT, which will be issued on the 25th, was developed using the Incheon Heroes characters. These characters are based on the motifs that represent Incheon-  a seal, which is a nationally protected animal, and a lighthouse that protects the West Sea. 

The Incheon Universe project plans to strengthen the governance of Incheon. In this city, citizens live through online metaverse spaces, DAOs, and more. A unique space created to share tastes, values, and allow citizens to communicate with each other.

To allow more citizens to participate in the Incheon Universe NFT project, Klaytn Foundation and Incheon City have partnered to leverage Klaytn’s Fee Delegation feature, lowering entry barriers by removing the burden of transaction fees incurred during the NFT minting process. This is an example of the mainstream user experience that Klaytn’s technology was designed for, and will allow citizens and users who are unfamiliar with Web3 services to participate. Incheon Metropolitan City Council, in cooperation with partners, will look to host exclusive online and offline events for  NFT holders.

The collaboration with Klaytn Foundation, which has been working on various projects in the global blockchain industry, will be a new driving force for the city of Incheon, which is preparing for a new path in the Web 3.0 era. Please look forward to the results that the city and Klaytn Foundation will create.

Seung Lee, City Brand Officer 

We are very pleased that the Klaytn platform, which was launched with the vision of creating a better world through blockchain technology, will be utilized as the mainnet for Incheon’s exciting first global municipal-led Web 3 public project.” “The Klaytn Foundation will work together to ensure that the Incheon Universe NFT project is successfully positioned as a municipal-based blockchain project, allowing more users to experience the convenience of Web3 technology in action.

Sangmin Seo, Director of Klaytn Foundation

You can learn more about the Incheon Universe NFT project and apply to receive NFTs in advance on the website, and users who utilize Google, KakaoTalk, or Kaikas can easily sign up for membership and apply to receive NFTs in advance.