Dora Factory is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure across multiple chains. With a strong focus on security, transparency, and decentralization, Dora Factory is dedicated to supporting ecosystems through public goods staking and driving innovation in the DeFi space through the development of infrastructure toolings and initiatives. Dora Factory’s open platform never stops empowering individual builders to connect, get access to knowledge, and eventually build products that matter to our world. Through open source communities, developers hackers can build teams and focus on building their ideas. Dora Factory’s developer toolings and governance infrastructures are open to all. Hackers solve concrete problems without reinventing the wheel, because there are infinite possibilities to build. Through public good staking and decentralized funding infrastructures, Dora Factory provides fuel to the global hacker movement and makes sure it never stops. We aim to further advance the Klaytn ecosystem through jointly nurturing essential public goods and new projects/startups in the Klaytn Network ecosystem by providing grants, hackathon prizes, and incubation/investment opportunities. We will provide sufficient incentive to hundreds of new teams building within the Klaytn Network


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