BICScan is a blockchain scanner designed to bring transparency and safety to blockchain. As a comprehensive tool, users can easily trace wallet addresses and contract addresses across multiple blockchain networks with a single click.

BICScan integrates data from both on-chain and off-chain to give you an at-a-glance view of the risk of what you’re trying to track. It is the only service that allows users to get a risk score, price quotes, scam status, and information about each token at once without having to visit multiple sites.

The data found is free to share with anyone, and we believe it helps make blockchain utilization safer.

Developed by AhnLab Blockchain Company, BICScan focuses on user experience and provides an intuitive interface that simplifies the complex world of blockchain analysis. It features real-time data tracking, making it easy for users to stay up to date. BICScan provides an API so it can be integrated into a variety of applications.


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