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Proof of Hodl: A community by and for Klaytn ecosystem participants

As some in our community may have noticed, on 8 June 2023 our Discord server underwent a huge reorganization—including the addition of new Proof of Hodl (PoH) community channels that are open to verified KLAY holders. The PoH community is a part of our efforts to foster greater collectivism among Klaytn’s ecosystem participants, which is one of the three key pillars in the Mass Adoption Trifecta detailed in our 2023 Vision Map.

Read on to learn more about the PoH community and our new regional playgrounds for Klaytn community members to interact in their preferred languages!

Why Discord?

After a thorough evaluation of various social platforms, Discord was selected as our primary community platform due to the following:

  • The flexibility and extensibility of Discord gives us the creative freedom to better engage with our community through bots, games, token gating, and so on to create not just a chat platform, but a community playground.
  • Discord’s channel structure not only allows us to mirror our announcements from across our various communication channels, but also lets our community engage across multiple meaningful topics without conversations crossing each other.

Exclusive channels for verified hodlers

Joining the PoH community

As the name suggests, joining the PoH community will require you to first verify that you hold at least 10 KLAY by going through the steps in the #❤|holder-verification channel. Once you complete the verification process, you will be granted a role based on the amount of KLAY in your wallet, and you will be able to access the PoH channels that your holdings qualify for or exceed. The roles are as follows:

  • 10 to <100 KLAY: 🐟 Klay-Planktons
  • 100 to <5,000 KLAY: 🐠 Klay-Fishes
  • 5,000 to <100,000 KLAY: 🐬 Klay-Dolphins
  • 100,000+ KLAY: 🐋 Klay-Whales

Keeping with the spirit of community-centered engagement, the amount of KLAY needed for each channel is open to change based on feedback, and any changes will be put up for community voting. 

Additionally, access to the PoH community channels will require re-verification once a month (you are hodling after all, right?). During this initial launch, only Kaikas wallet is supported for hodler verification, but support for Metamask, Klip, and the functionality to include staked KLAY will be added in future updates.

Forum channels for clearer topic discussions

The 🌍|ecosystem-chat and 🎨|fan-creations PoH community channels have been set up as forum channels that allow for each discussion topic to be its own thread, allowing you to easily see what’s being discussed and participate in-depth with the topics that interest you.

These forum channels do not have slow mode enabled, allowing you to engage as deeply as you wish on any topics relating to Klaytn.

Developers-only channels and features

Verifying your status as a developer

If you are a developer, you can now access the developers-only channels through Github authentication. 

To do so, click the dropdown menu next to the server name on the top left corner and select Linked Roles to connect your GitHub account.

Once you’ve been verified as a developer, you’ll be able to access the dedicated developer channels: 

  • #📣|dev-announcements to check for technical updates from Klaytn
  • #👾|report-a-bug to report technical bugs
  • #👥|join-our-team to check for developer job openings on Klaytn

In addition, language-specific channels have been set up for you to ask development questions in a language you’re comfortable with. 

Through these dedicated developer-only channels, you’ll be able to get quick and accurate answers to help you on your journey towards building a launch-ready DApp on Klaytn.


Created in conjunction with Helix, the new AI FAQ Bot is trained on Klaytn Docs and will be able to instantly provide detailed answers for frequently asked questions about Klaytn technology, to help new-to-Klaytn developers quickly get up to speed.

Currently the bot only supports English, but we intend to expand the bot to other languages. 

More events, more benefits, more connections

Discord activities and prizes

Earn Discord XP by chatting and participating in our daily games, quizzes, quests, and more to win exciting prizes—the top 10 scorers on our monthly leaderboard will win prizes totalling US$400!

Discord launch event

To celebrate the launch of the PoH community, we’re also running a Zealy sprint event with a base prize pool of 1,000 KLAY, that increases by another 1,000 KLAY with 5 additional winners for every 10,000 new Discord community members!

Visit the Zealy event page to find out more about the quests and join in the fun!

Upcoming community suggestions channel

If you are a KLAY Dolphin or Whale, you will soon also have access to a dedicated suggestions channel. In this channel, you will be able to give feedback or suggest interesting new ideas to bolster the Klaytn community and ecosystem, which all Klaytn community members will be able to view and vote on. 

Here is the framework on how the channel will function:

  1. Once every 24 hours, a new suggestion can be posted to the channel by any KLAY Dolphin or Whale. 
  2. All community members will then have one week to vote on the suggestion via the 👍 and 👎 emoticons.
  3. If A suggestion will be approved if it meets the following conditions:
    1. At least 100 👍
    2. 👎do not exceed 50% of 👍
  4. Approved suggestions will be aggregated and answered on Discord each month.

The suggestions channel is tentatively scheduled to go live on 30 June 2023—an announcement will be made once it is live. Beyond this, Klaytn Foundation will also be considering ways for the community to provide direct feedback on Klaytn governance topics. 

Regional community channels 

With our focus on steering the Klaytn ecosystem towards solving real-world problems across Asia with blockchain technology, the need for regional communities will play a key role in helping us implement region-specific initiatives while providing our communities across Asia with a channel to discuss and participate in localized projects. As a start, we have opened Korean, English, and Vietnamese channel groups to serve Klaytn’s massive Korean community, our global audience, and our fledgling Vietnamese community.

Additionally, a Vietnamese website will soon be launched to streamline the onboarding process for Vietnamese developers. To keep up with our initiatives in Vietnam—one of our key expansion markets—please follow our newly-launched Klaytn VN Twitter.

More language-specific channels will be created as we expand across Asia. Moving forward, we will be utilizing these language-specific channels on Discord for our regional communities instead of Telegram, so be sure to join our Discord server!

Driving Klaytn’s growth as a collective

With this relaunch of our Discord server as the primary community platform for Klaytn, our goal is to create a more sustainable and robust community where all Klaytn participants can contribute to and influence the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem in a more collective, transparent, and healthy manner. 

We will continue to pursue more initiatives to realize our vision of Klaytn as a collective—and in the meantime, see you on Discord!