Announcements, Partnership

Strengthening our long-standing partnership with Ozys

Klaytn Foundation and Ozys, a global blockchain technology developer, have signed an MOU to expand the Klaytn ecosystem by enhancing the competitiveness of Orbit Bridge, Ozys’ cross-chain protocol that has been gaining traction in the global market since its launch in 2020. 

Klaytn Foundation and Ozys will pool their technical and business capabilities to advance the Orbit Bridge chain. They will also continue to cooperate in communication areas such as marketing, PR, and community. As part of this partnership, Klaytn Foundation will also participate as a validator on Orbit Bridge from August 10. Ozys has been a Klaytn GC member and official Dev-Tool partner since July 2020, and this partnership will strengthen the two companies’ complementary roles around their respective mainnets and essential global services.

Orbit Bridge currently supports 21 blockchain mainnets, including Klaytn, Ethereum, Polygon, and TON, as well as over 100 token linkages and 51 protocol linkages. It is is currently ranked in the top 3 by TVL among global cross-chain bridges. Beyond Orbit Bridge, Ozys is also the developer of KLAYswap, a global decentralized exchange; KLAYSTATION, a KLAY public staking platform; KlaytnScope, a Klaytn block explorer; and, a professional charting service. 

“It is no exaggeration to say that the growth of Ozys and the Klaytn ecosystem have been in parallel since the early days, and Ozys has developed by launching various services within the Klaytn ecosystem and expanding them to multi-chain,” said Choi Jin Choi, CEO of Ozys. “Through this partnership, the Klaytn Foundation will serve as a validator for the Orbit Bridge Klaytn mainnet, contributing to transaction reliability and promoting the stable expansion of the ecosystem together.” 

“Signing an MOU to expand our global business with Ozys, which has been working closely with us for the Klaytn ecosystem, is of great significance for our future operations,” said Sam Seo, Director of Klaytn Foundation. “This partnership will help strengthen the sustainability of the Klaytn ecosystem by advancing the KLAY value chain, Klaytn’s utility token. At the same time, we look forward to working with a partner who understands each other well to jointly expand the ecosystem in the global market, which will create great synergies.”

About Ozys

Ozys is a 6-year-old full-stack blockchain technology company that promotes the expansion and popularization of blockchain technology by developing excellent usability-based Web3 services. It cooperates with various domestic and foreign partners based on its technical capabilities across blockchain, including mainnet, cross-chain, DeFi, node and validator, blockchain explorer, and devtool. Centering on Orbit Bridge, a cross-chain bridge, it has signaled multi-chain expansion to Polygon, BNB Chain, and Tone, and has become a global service. In particular, it has developed KLAYswap, a representative DeFi service that boasts an overwhelming share and transaction volume in the Klaytn ecosystem and is currently providing the most advanced features. Ozys has beta-launched a new service called ‘‘, which aims to be a representative portal platform for the Web3 ecosystem that makes it easy for anyone to use blockchain services. In addition, we have also entered the field of cryptocurrency analysis, tracking, and forensics, contributing to the construction of a healthy ecosystem and striving to promote the popularization of Web3.