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New dashboards on Klaytn Square

Klaytn Square, Klaytn’s governance portal, has been updated with a host of new dashboards displaying on-chain transactional, governance, and treasury data. These dashboards provide near-real-time information on all things related to Klaytn, allowing anyone to quickly view and verify key transactional data, governance decision-making, and treasury spend.

Governance Council

On the Status tab of the Governance Council page you will now be able to view various data on the Klaytn Governance Council, including:

  • Amount of KLAY staked by the GC
  • Number of GCs
  • Number of transactions processed and fees accumulated by each GC

Voting Agenda

On the Leaderboard tab in the Voting Agenda page, you will now be able to view the number of times each GC member has voted on governance proposals, as well as their voting power.

Status of Klaytn

On the Status of Klaytn page, you will now be able to view charts and figures on Klaytn transactional data, including:

  • KLAY burn metrics
  • KLAY valuation metrics
  • Daily transaction and gas metrics


On the Treasury page, you will now be able to view the quarterly KCF and KFF usage, broken down by categories.

In line with the Mass Adoption Trifecta, these new dashboards will enable greater transparency, contributing towards healthy, open and verifiable governance for the Klaytn ecosystem. Check them out today!