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Klaytn Launches Metaverse Knowledge Kit to Help Developers and Enterprises Build Seamless Metaverse Applications


  • Metaverse Knowledge Kit provides developers and enterprises with comprehensive tools and resources to build and deploy metaverse-based applications on the Klaytn network.
  • Kit comprises 3 key components: educational resources, npm package support, and API support.
  • Launch of Metaverse Knowledge Kit a crucial milestone in Klaytn’s 2023 Vision Map to achieve Mass Adoption Trifecta

The metaverse has been a hot topic in recent years, with virtual worlds and immersive experiences capturing the imagination of many. Driven by a range of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence for adaptability, and blockchain for decentralization, assurance, and transparency, the metaverse is more than just a digital realm for avatars to roam. It represents the gateway to the next layer of our virtual economy.

For the metaverse to be an extension of the real world, users need to be able to prove their identity, perform financial transactions, and own assets within virtual realms. This is where blockchain technology comes in, enabling transfer of value through wallets, digital possession using NFTs, and proof of ownership through smart contracts. But building a metaverse is no easy feat, and requires considerable technical knowledge and expertise.

Introducing Klaytn’s Metaverse Knowledge Kit: a comprehensive suite of SDKs, APIs, and supporting documents designed to provide developers and enterprises with a hassle-free entrance into the metaverse. The Kit comprises 3 key components:

1. Educational Resources: This component offers a detailed guide on how to implement blockchain technology in metaverse-focused use cases. It covers best practices, as well as tutorials on tools and SDKs. Topics covered include:

  • Fungible Tokens
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Multi Tokens
  • DAO Contracts
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Decentralized Storage
  • Decentralized Oracles
  • Gaming SDKs
  • Developer Tools
  • RPC Endpoints
  • Service SDKs

2. Npm Package Support: By utilizing Klaytn’s built-in npm packages, which encapsulate the functionality of diverse tools into a user-friendly SDK, builders and enterprises can significantly reduce the time and effort required for development. Rather than starting from scratch, developers can leverage existing code, which not only accelerates the development process but also promotes consistency and stability across different applications.

3. API Support: Klaytn provides a secure and unified API which covers all the SDKs, tools and node API to interact with the network and for building applications. This allows developers access to all the tools and resources they need to build and deploy applications, without having to worry about compatibility issues or integrating multiple APIs from different sources. Beyond streamlining development processes, this reduces the risk of security breaches, making it easier and safer for developers to build and deploy applications on the Klaytn network.

Utilizing the Metaverse Knowledge Kit: Enterprise Example

As the metaverse continues to gain momentum, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for e-commerce activities. In the virtual world, users can engage in immersive shopping experiences, browse virtual storefronts, and purchase digital products using cryptocurrencies. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to tap into a new and growing market and expand their customer base beyond the physical world. As a result, many companies are starting to invest in metaverse-based e-commerce platforms and explore ways to offer unique and engaging shopping experiences to their customers.

With Klaytn’s Metaverse Knowledge Kit, an enterprise seeking to launch an e-commerce platform in the metaverse can simply leverage the tools listed below without the need for a ground-up development process:

Utilizing the Metaverse Knowledge Kit: Buidler Example

Say you’re an innovative buidler looking to build a metaverse game on Klaytn. Our Metaverse Knowledge Kit provides pre-built components and accompanying tutorials, saving buidlers time and effort while allowing them to focus on building the unique and creative aspects of their games:

As the metaverse continues to evolve, developers will require new tools and capabilities to scale virtual realms. To this end, we plan to introduce new features to the Metaverse Knowledge Kit in the future:

Cloud caching mechanism: This reduces the load on application servers and improves response times for users. It can help developers focusing on metaverse use cases by improving the performance and scalability of their applications.

Indexing solutions: These enable the efficient organization of blockchain data and improves searchability, enhancing user experiences in metaverse applications.

Payment splitter smart contract: This allows funds to be automatically distributed to multiple parties in a defined ratio. Developers can utilize this to streamline revenue-sharing processes, reduce disputes and increase transparency in the monetization of virtual worlds and games.

NFT royalty standard: This provides a standardized way to retrieve royalty payment information for non-fungible tokens. This will enable universal support across all NFT marketplaces and ecosystem participants, while helping builders implement the latest standards and integrate with multiple marketplaces seamlessly.

Facilitating a seamless development environment serves as a crucial component in Klaytn’s 2023 Vision Map. The Metaverse Knowledge Kit aligns with Klaytn’s objective of fostering collectivism as it strives to achieve the Mass Adoption Trifecta, ultimately solidifying its position as the cornerstone for tomorrow’s on-chain world.