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Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 RWA Partner Introductions

This series introduces the partners who will be sharing their insights at KSL2023, and will be divided into 3 parts: RWA, Blockchain Gaming, and Ecosystem. Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 will be held from September 4 to 6, and will feature Klaytn’s most prominent ecosystem partners. To find out more about KSL2023, please read this article.

Real World Assets (RWA) is one of the biggest buzzwords in blockchain these days, in part because it is one of the areas where the fundamental benefits of blockchain technology can be best applied. As part of Klaytn Foundation’s roadmap towards mass adoption, we announced in June that we would focus on RWA as a major direction for supporting ecosystem businesses

For KSL2023, we have invited our local and global partners who are at the forefront of their respective domain to share their insights. In this first installment of our KSL2023 Partner Introductions series, we will be introducing our RWA-related partners and topics. 

CREDER ㅣ CREDER’s GPC launch and the business strategy to expand its RWA token business

  • Speaker: James Im (CEO)
  • Time: 4 Sep, 14:15 – 14:30
  • Info: Website 


CREDER, Klaytn’s first RWA GC member, is a comprehensive financial platform centered on digital assets backed by physical gold. CREDER’s team comprises industry veterans with extensive experience and know-how in listing on the four major cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea.

In the coming months, CREDER will be launching the GPC (Gold Pegged Coin), the first RWA token on Klaytn that is pegged to the price of gold, and 100% backed by the Korea Gold Exchange. 

CREDER will also develop a liquidity staking platform that can maximize the profit of liquidity providers through GPC staking. Through CREDER’s service, Klaytn ecosystem participants will be able to stake KLAY and receive GPC as staking rewards, expanding and strengthening the Klaytn ecosystem with the stability and value of gold. 

CREDER’s Presentation

At KSL2023, CREDER will share its plans and status on the issuance of GPC. Gold trading in the real world has many limitations, including the risk of storage and theft, inefficiencies caused by intermediaries, and time and space constraints for transactions—all of which CREDER is hoping to solve through the GPC. Furthermore, we will also hear about their plans to expand beyond gold to include various precious metals and commodity minerals, as well as their plans to expand to a global service. 

Tokeny Solutions ㅣ Tokenizing the world: our digital future with RWA tokens

  • Speaker: Luc Falempin (CEO)
  • Time: 4 Sep, 14:30 – 14:45
  • Info: Website / Twitter

About Tokeny Solutions

Tokney Solutions is a comprehensive solution that enables companies operating in private markets to benefit from the freedom from compliance issues through blockchain technology. It provides an end-to-end solution that supports the issuance, transfer, and management of tokenized loans and tradable digital assets and tokens, including bonds, stocks, and funds. This provides a secure and reliable network while significantly reducing the convenience and risk of modern capital markets, which are based on fragmented networks with relatively low interoperability. To date, the company has raised over €10M in capital and has over 50 leading partners. 

Tokeny’s Presentation

Capital markets are inefficient and fragmented, and tokenization promises to solve these problems by removing the constraints of time and space, and enabling trustless automation through smart contracts—but there are many compliance factors that stand in the way.

At KSL 2023, Tokeny will share their wealth of thoughts and experiences about how we can ensure compliance through the ERC3643 standard, to build a digital world centered on interoperable RWA tokens where anyone can trade assets freely and securely on the blockchain while remaining compliant.  

Elysia ㅣ Is full decentralization possible in the RWA industry?

  • Speaker: Yoon Kim (CMO)
  • Time: 4 Sep, 14:45 – 15:00
  • Info: Website / Twitter

About Elysia

Elysia is a global real-world asset tokenization project that leverages blockchain to provide innovative services to tokenize various RWA products such as residential and commercial real estate and accounts receivable into digital assets. ELYSIA operates ELYFI, a DeFi platform to increase the liquidity of RWA, and builds a decentralized financial ecosystem based on real assets to provide users with a stable and profitable financial protocol. 

Having recently joined the Klaytn ecosystem, Elysia provides an easy and convenient way to tokenize existing real assets for use on the ELYFI DeFi service, which offers a variety of RWA-based synthetic products, including real estate secured bonds, e-commerce receivables, and real estate project financing. It currently has over 80,000 community members and over $7.3M in TVL. ELYFI V2 has already launched on Klaytn and can be accessed via

Elysia’s Presentation

Elysia DAO, the organization responsible for ELYSIA PROTOCOL, is one of only two DAO corporations recognized by the US government and also the first DAO corporation in Asia. At KSL2023, Elysia will share its experience and views on the use and legal relationship of DAO organizations. Additionally, Elysia, which has issued more than 80 RWA tokens, will share insights on the distribution structure in the issuance process, the role of each stakeholder, and challenges in the tokenization process of RWA.

Open Asset ㅣ The future STO in the Korea market and Open Asset’s business plan

  • Speaker: Melvin Woo (Director Of Technical Strategy)
  • Time: 4 Sep, 15:00 – 15:15
  • Info: Website

About Open Asset

Open Asset aims to create a better financial environment through blockchain technology. The Open Asset team has made great contributions to building Klaytn’s financial ecosystem, as they developed the Klaytn blockchain core, KAS, and Klip at GroundX, which was founded in 2018. In particular, the team is highly experienced in developing and building CBDC (central bank digital currency) related businesses, providing distributed ledger solutions for securities company STO platforms, and smart contract development and standardization. 

Open Asset’s Presentation

STOs in Korea are currently limited to investment products offered by a few piecemeal investment firms that are subject to the regulatory sandbox, and the demand for token securities has been increasing in recent years, which has led to regulatory discussions. Especially in the Korean market, where STOs have not been legislated, issuance and distribution services for token securities through blockchain technology will be essential to provide investors with more liberal investment opportunities. 

At KSL2023, the Open Asset team, which has extensive experience in the areas most closely related to regulation in the Korean market, will share the regulatory and securities company-specific developments related to token securities, as well as an overview of the nascent competition in the token securities market among financial institutions. They will also share their frontline insights on the essential factors for the token securities market to succeed, and what direction Open Asset will take in the token securities market based on these factors. 

Catch our exciting line-up of speakers at KSL 2023

Klaytn Hackerhouse 2023 at KSL 2023

Calling all developers—don’t miss the Klaytn Hackerhouse that will be taking place on the 3rd floor at KSL2023 from 4 to 6 September! A continuation of the five-week Klaytn Developer Boot Camp, the Hackerhouse will feature insightful technical presentations from Klaytn Foundation and our partners, and double as a pre-event for the upcoming Klaymakers23 Hackathon in October. For more information and to register for the Klaytn Hackerhouse, please visit this page.