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Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 Web3 Gaming Partner Introductions

This series introduces the partners who will be sharing their insights at KSL2023, and will be divided into 3 parts: RWA, Blockchain Gaming, and Ecosystem. Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 will be held from September 4 to 6, and will feature Klaytn’s most prominent ecosystem partners. To find out more about KSL2023, please read this article.

ISKRAㅣGlobal Expansion and Local Execution for Web3 Game Markets

  • Speaker: Ben Colayco (CBO)
  • Time: 4 Sep 16:00 – 16:15
  • Info: Website / Twitter


Iskra offers an all-in-one web3 game platform that rewards players and developers through a unique community system. Services include web3 games, wallet, DEX, marketplace, and launchpad. Iskra believes that on-boarding the next generation of Web3 users will be driven by engaging games that demonstrate the true value of digital ownership.

ISKRA’s Presentation

Localization is one of the hottest topics in Web3, but it’s also one of the most challenging to build with local community nuances. At ISKRA, they work directly with local communities to manage cultural nuances and preferences, and their global expansion and localization efforts include not only local partnerships but also a variety of direct local actions. 

For example, they are expanding their local partnerships, such as YGG Philippines and Level Up! Brazil, and using strategies to engage directly with local creators and influencers. As part of this localization process, ISKRA is also running its own FB group TikTok channel in the Philippines to test whether this approach is more practical. In the future, the importance of local content in Web3 gaming will become even more important to foster organic UGC. At KSL2023, they will share ISKRA’s global expansion and localization strategy and first-hand knowledge, focusing on China, Japan, and Vietnam. 

Another WorldㅣAW’s new M2E protocol connected with its metaverse platform that is promoted in cooperation with LG Electronics

  • Speaker: Jimmy Koo  (COO)
  • Time: 4 Sep 16:15 – 16:30
  • Info: Website / Twitter

About Another World

As Klaytn’s first metaverse-centric GC member, Another World aims to be a lifestyle platform, solving the challenges of traditional metaverse user acquisition and engagement through a super-app strategy. It has achieved 0.14 billion TVLs since its launch, and generated over $12 million in revenue by selling 4,000 Rand NFTs within two months of launch. Another World is also actively engaging with its community and executing its roadmap, which has resulted in a global community of 200,000 users.

Built on a blockchain token economy system, the Another World metaverse serves as the core of the interactive lifestyle platform, which will be supported by a differentiated community system, unique story concepts, and creator ecosystem.  As the first step in its super app strategy, Another World recently launched the GROUNDI project in collaboration with world-renowned partner LG Electronics.

Another World’s Presentation

This project, GROUNDI, in collaboration with LG Electronics, is a health management app that helps users develop healthy habits through walking exercises while providing tangible and psychological rewards. Another World designed items earned in Move to Earn (M2E) to be used within the metaverse and built a structure that allows Web2 users who have entered M2E to seamlessly transition to the Another World metaverse. 

Another World aims to build a substantial Web2 user base by capitalizing on Gen Z’s interest in app tech. To create a sustainable ecosystem from M2E to the metaverse, a subscription system will be implemented, complemented by various entertainment options to improve user retention. At KSL2023, Another World will introduce the project in collaboration with Web2’s big partners and share its big vision beyond. 

MARBLEXㅣWeb3 Game Ecosystem of MARBLEX – A New Challenge

  • Speaker: Jake Moon (COO)
  • Time: 4 Sep 16:30 – 16:45
  • Info: Website / Twitter


MARBLEX is a blockchain service company started by Netmarble, a top global publisher. MARBLEX’s goal is to apply a blockchain ecosystem based on well-made games, enabling users to earn additional revenue and have a more advanced gaming experience. 

MARBLEX has been building a robust Web3 game ecosystem since its inception. They operate MBX Station, which serves as the hub of the Web3 gaming ecosystem, providing developers and users with quick and easy access to the MBX ecosystem and seamless onboarding from Web2 games. 

Building on this experience, they have recently expanded into real estate and NFTs based on metaverse space, and have seen remarkable results. For example, the total real estate transaction volume in Meta World: My City recently exceeded $15 million, with the game’s NFTs available for trading in the marketplace, and Meta World’s real estate features being actively updated. 

MARBLEX’s Presentation

In KSL2023, you’ll hear a variety of insights into how MARBLEX has created such a large Web3 game ecosystem. We will introduce the sophisticated MARBLEX ecosystem, share our ecosystem-level progress over the past year and insights from this process, introduce the new and improved game tokenomics for MARBLEX 3.0, and share new challenges and strategic directions for popularizing Web3 games. In particular, projects and developers who dream of building a Web3 game ecosystem based on a Web2 game ecosystem will gain deeper insights. 

NXIOㅣAvatara Post-mortem: Managing Changes for the Transition from Web2 into Web3

  • Speaker: Aiden Park (CEO)
  • Time: 4 Sep 16:45 – 17:00
  • Info: Website / Twitter


AVATARA is a P2E action MMORPG game developed by NX3 and powered by the Klaytn blockchain. NX3, a leading South Korean game company that developed the global MMORPG phenomenon, Lohan M, which generated $130 million in revenue, made its first foray into the world of P2E gaming by launching AVATARA in collaboration with NXIO, its own blockchain development platform. 

To optimize P2E gameplay, NXIO directly redesigned the AVATARA in-game ecosystem and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate Web3 features into the existing action-based AAA MMORPG battle arena. Players can not only issue unique avatar NFTs as characters, but also join guilds and participate in battles to earn rare in-game NFT items and utility token TARA.

AVATARA’s Presentation

At KSL2023, NXIO will share in-depth insights into the process of preparing AVATARA by going through numerous stakeholders. In addition, you can hear about the need for change management to move forward, the direction to move forward, and the process. Based on their experience with existing Web2 game masterpieces, they will share the process of transitioning to Web3 games and the three key points they introduced to AVATARA. 

Catch our exciting line-up of speakers at KSL 2023

Klaytn Hackerhouse 2023 at KSL 2023

Calling all developers—don’t miss the Klaytn Hackerhouse that will be taking place on the 3rd floor at KSL2023 from 4 to 6 September! A continuation of the five-week Klaytn Developer Boot Camp, the Hackerhouse will feature insightful technical presentations from Klaytn Foundation and our partners, and double as a pre-event for the upcoming Klaymakers23 Hackathon in October. For more information and to register for the Klaytn Hackerhouse, please visit this page.