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Klaytn v1.11.1 Release Notice

We are happy to announce that Klaytn v1.11.1 has been released.

Klaytn v1.11.1 contains bug fixes and Cypress hardfork block number configuration. This version states the Cypress hardfork block number that applies the Shanghai EVM compatible features which were implemented in v1.11.0 The hardfork is already applied in the Baobab testnet and is scheduled at below date in the Cypress mainnet. All Cypress nodes have to be upgraded to v1.11.1 or higher before the target block number.

The hardfork schedule is as follows:

Cypress mainnet

  • Block number: 135456000
  • Estimated time: 16 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC+9
  • Hardfork contents: Shanghai hardfork (Refer to the v1.11.0 release note for the features)

Cautions regarding the v1.11.1 upgrade

Besides the Hardfork, there is another breaking change in command line usage, starting from v1.11.0. Refer to the v1.11.0 release note for the details.