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Klaytn Square Lounge 2023

Klaytn Foundation will be hosting Klaytn Square Lounge (KSL) 2023 on September 4-6. Designed to announce new projects and partnerships, share Web3.0 business insights, and facilitate developer exchanges, KSL 2023 will bring together the Foundation, its partners, the holder community, and major domestic and international blockchain companies to discuss “Driving Real Changes: The Road to Mass Adoption” and communicate on expanding the Klaytn ecosystem.

Klaytn Square Lounge: A place to share insights from Klaytn ecosystem contributors and partners

KSL 2023 will be held over three days, with three different themes 

September 4: Klaytn Ecosystem Partner’s Day

  • Real World Asset (RWA) token and Web3 Gaming partners in the Klaytn ecosystem will introduce new projects, business ecosystem expansion, and synergy creation strategies with Klaytn.

September 5: Global Expansion – A Web3 Perspective

  • Discussing domestic and international blockchain industry trends and strategies to target overseas markets, Foundation collaborating global partners and major Web3 projects in Vietnam, Greater China, and Thailand will share their market trends, business strategies, and insights.

September 6: Pre-final Warm Up event for ABGA x Klaytn x ISKRA x CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon

  • Introductory sessions and educational presentations by Klaytn Foundation, ISKRA, ABGA, and CESS.

POV#1 RWA Insights Sharing

At the event, CREDER, which will be unveiling the first gold-pegged token (GPC) in Korea at this event; ELYSIA, which introduced Korea’s first RWA-based DeFi investment platform; and Open Asset, which recently signed an MOU with Korea Investment & Securities to establish a token securities (STO) system; will be presenting about the RWA tokenization market. Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny Solutions, the world’s largest RWA tokenization platform, and Veronica Wong, CEO of Safepal, one of the world’s largest integrated digital wallet solutions, will also be speaking.

We will introduce the various partners participating in KSL2023 one by one on Klaytn’s official blog, so please stay tuned.

POV#2 Gaming Hackathon and Developer Meetup

On Wednesday, September 6, a day after the Klaytn ecosystem-related sessions, Klaytn Foundation will hold a Pre-final Warm Up event for the “ABGA x Klaytn x ISKRA x CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon”. This event will be co-hosted by ABGA (Asia Blockchain Game Alliance), one of the Klaytn Governance Council members, Klaytn Foundation, the all-in-one Web3 game platform ISKRA, and the third-generation decentralized cloud storage protocol, CESS. More information on the event can be found on Dorahacks, a global online developer community.

KSL will also be featuring a hackerhouse developer meet-up, which has already opened for registration. The Klaytn Hackerhouse will run from the 4th to the 6th at the venue of the KSL event to foster the future Web3 developers and support creative projects on Klaytn. The Klaytn Hackerhouse is an extension of the Klaytn Developer Bootcamp, which has been underway for five weeks since July 31, and bridges the KLAYMakers23 hackathon scheduled for October. Additionally, Klaytn Foundation and partnering companies will present sessions to share technical insights and information during the hackerhouse.

POV#3 Making the community more accessible with Discord livestreams

The event will be held at SJ Kunsthalle, which is easily accessible from the official venue of Korea Blockchain Week 2023, and will start at 2pm on both days for the convenience of KBW visitors. All presentation sessions will also be live streamed via the Klaytn Foundation’s official Discord community.

KSL2023 Registration and Event Information

SL 2023 Event Registration QR Code

Detailed speaker information for KSL 2023 can be found on the online registration page or by scanning the QR code above. In addition, the first 30 registrants will receive a limited edition NFT issued in collaboration with the Foundation, O-sean, a secondary creative collaboration NFT issuance service platform for real brands, and Local Stitch, a designer community. These NFTs can be exchanged for physical goods at the event site, so be quick to register!

*Please note that spaces are limited, and  registration may close early to ensure the safety of visitors at the event.

“The KSL event was designed to provide the ideal conference format for our ecosystem partners during this year’s KBW,” said Dr. Sam Seo, Representative Director of Klaytn Foundation. “The leading projects that Klaytn Foundation has directly or indirectly partnered with will be participating, and we expect to be able to effectively share our vision of enabling mass adoption by Driving Real Changes.”

– Sangmin Seo, Director of, Klaytn Foundation