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Klaytn x O-SEAN x Local Stitch: Connecting Web3, Web2, and Local Creators

To commemorate the upcoming Klaytn Square Lounge 2023 (KSL 2023) which will be held from 4 to 6 September, Klaytn Foundation will be issuing limited-edition phygital NFTs featuring a stylized Klaytn logo created by a local artist community, that can be used to redeem physical goods at KSL 2023.

KSL 2023 Commemorative NFT Design

Connecting Web3, Web2, and Local Creators

This phygital NFT project is a 3-way collaboration between Klaytn Foundation, O-SEAN, and Local Stitch. O-SEAN is a new Web2/3 convergence project on Klaytn that connects and adds value to various IPs by producing NFTs and digital goods, and Local Stitch is a co-working and co-living community for creators that includes a physical goods production factory.

Our collaboration with O-SEAN will continue beyond KSL 2023 and into TOKEN2049, Asia’s largest blockchain conference held in Singapore in September.

KSL 2023 Commemorative T-Shirt

O-SEAN, Local Stitch, and Klaytn Foundation believe that this collaboration demonstrates how NFTs can be used in creative ways beyond PFPs and gated communities. Additionally, O-SEAN will also be exploring holding events for KLAY ecosystem participants to acquire more NFTs through holding or trading, beyond using them for one-time exchange of goods.

Through this collaboration, creators and brands from Local Stitch got to connect with Klaytn’s blockchain ecosystem. Moving forward, Local Stitch and Klaytn will continue to focus on enabling these artists and brands to jointhe on-chain creator economy, to help them grow into sustainable brands and jointly activate a seamless phygital ecosystem. 

Kim MinSeok, Creator at Local Stitch

NFT Minting Schedule

This phygital NFT collection will be distributed sequentially, starting with early access given to the first 50 registrants of KSL 2023, which was announced on the official Klaytn Discord on 17 August 2023. Minting of the remaining NFTs will be opened according to the following schedule: 

  • 25 August 12:00 KST: 1st round for verified KLAY holders on our Discord
  • 29 August 12:00 KST: 2nd round for verified KLAY holders on our Discord
  • 30 August to 1 September 00:00 KST: Public minting
  • 1 September: Reveal event

These NFTs will be minted as mystery boxes, with the phygital item revealed on 1 September 2023. To participate in the minting, all you need to do is join our Discord server. Once your account is eligible according to the above schedule, simply complete the simple mission that will be posted on Discord, visit the mint page on O-SEAN’s website, connect your Klaytn wallet and fill in your email to claim an NFT. The full details will be announced through our Discord and social media channels.

NFT Reveal Event

On 1 September 00:00 KST, holders of the mystery box NFTs will be able to visit the Klaytn NFT page on O-SEAN to reveal which physical item they can redeem at KSL 2023. All NFT holders will be able to redeem a sticker pack, along with either a t-shirt or a baseball cap depending on what their mystery box contained. Beyond this phygital collaboration, these NFTs will also be utilized for future projects by O-SEAN that will be linked to popular IPs, so if you minted one, keep it around!

KSL 2023 Commemorative NFT Reveal Box

Through this collaboration, we aim to give our community unique phygital memorabilia for KSL 2023, while supporting local producers through the creation of exciting Web3-infused products by O-SEAN, Local Stitch, and local merchandise factories to promote mass adoption.

About O-SEAN

Ocean (O-SEAN) is an NFT project that brings together IP Providers with IP and Creators with creativity. In O-SEAN, IP Providers can mint and sell their IP as NFTs, and Creators can purchase and utilize IP NFTs to create secondary creative NFTs. Secondary NFTs can follow the journey from digital goods to physical products, serving as a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Throughout this process, IP providers and creators can generate revenue through O-SEAN while transparently tracking ownership, utilization rights, royalties, and fees. This structure, in which both IP Providers and Creators receive royalties, is called Triple (R) Double (“Resale Royalty Right” Double). O-SEAN aims to play a role as a new leader in the mass adoption of blockchain as a cornerstone for the popularization of web2.0 and web3.0 in a differentiated way.

About Local Stitch

Local Stitch is a coworking and coliving space and community that brings together creators, makers, startup founders, and other growing people in the city. Based on the creator membership community, we are interacting with creative producers in the city who have their own expertise and content, and we propose various spaces and services to serve as an ecosystem that creates growth and win-win for various players.