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Klaytn Onboards Goldstation and $GPC, Launching the First Gold RWA DeFi Platform Outside of Ethereum

CREDER, a digital transformation company specializing in RWA tokenization, has launched $GPC, a gold-pegged digital asset 1:1 backed by physical gold, and Goldstation, a DeFi platform that will transform gold investment from primarily relying on market price movements into a DeFi yield earning opportunity.

Goldstation and $GPC: gold-backed DeFi innovation

Goldstation is the first gold-centric DeFi service on a public mainnet outside of Ethereum, and will be launching with $GPC single deposit functionality on January 24 to enable $GPC holders access to DeFi yield earning opportunities. In particular, GPC does not charge any fees other than a small NFT conversion and blockchain operation fee, unlike existing gold RWA tokens that require additional transaction costs by applying percentages, etc. As such, Goldstation will provide an efficient place to invest in gold, combined with Klaytn’s advantage of having a reasonable gas fee policy compared to other blockchains.

More secure proof of ownership, expanding to more real-world assets with The Mining Club

Beyond $GPC and Goldstation, CREDER has also launched The Mining Club, a platform that allows users to create proof of their physical gold ownership through NFT technology. These NFTs can then be used as collateral to mint $GPC via Goldstation. Additionally, CREDER plans to expand the Goldstation ecosystem to include other precious metals and mineral resources such as silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

Enhanced user experience through Klaytn’s infrastructure

By simply connecting any cryptocurrency wallet that supports Klaytn – such as Kaikas, Metamask, or KLIP – users can quickly and easily participate in the gold DeFi ecosystem with just a few clicks, whether they are minting NFTs or issuing $GPC. Additionally, Klaytn’s extremely low transaction latency provides a speedy user experience akin to Web2, with no need for users to wait minutes for transaction confirmation.

As a supporting partner, Klaytn Foundation shared its network of leading domestic and international partners with CREDER, collaborating on regulatory compliance, platform optimization, and domestic and global marketing. In addition, as an Ethereum equivalent L1, Klaytn’s support for the ERC-3643 tokenization standard will allow Klaytn Foundation and CREDER to comprehensively support the domestic and international expansion of various non-gold RWA token businesses.

Gold NFTs and $GPCs can be verified by anyone on-chain through Orakl Network’s Proof of Reserve (POR). We will create a new standard for RWA token business with Klaytn based on evidence of transparency and trust.

James Im, CEO of CREDER

We are very pleased that Klaytn will be the mainnet for the first gold RWA token DeFi platform outside of the Ethereum ecosystem with the launch of CREDER’s Goldstation. The Foundation has been involved with GPC and CREDER’s careful preparation for Goldstation, and we look forward to working with them to help more precious metal RWA tokenization projects become popular at home and abroad.

-Sangmin Seo, Director of Klaytn Foundation

As part of its launch event, CREDER is running a promotion to celebrate the launch of Gold NFTs and $GPC – don’t miss this chance to win attractive prizes by participating in Klaytn’s tokenized gold ecosystem!

Event Period: January 3 (Wed) ~ January 30 (Tue)

EVENT 1: Mint GOLD NFTs and win a total of 70 grams of gold!
– GOLD NFTs with the same value as e-gold will be awarded according to the cumulative ranking of GOLD NFT minting quantity.

EVENT 2️: Mint GPC (Gold Pegged Coin) and receive an additional 10,000 GPC (100 grams of gold) in total!
– After participating in Event 1, the first 1,000 people to mine GPC will receive an additional 10 GPC.

More information about these launch events can be found on The Mining Club’s official website and Goldstation’s official website.


Founded in 2022, CREDER is a Digital Transformation (DX) company specializing in RWA tokenization, the first 100% physical gold-based RWA tokenization project in Korea, and has developed a DeFi platform to issue and utilize gold NFTs and tokens that are linked to physical gold. CREDER is also currently serving as a member of the Governance Council of Klaytn, a global Layer 1 blockchain platform representing Korea.