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The Klaytn Governance Forum is now open

We are officially introducing the Klaytn Governance Forum.

Klaytn Governance Forum is where the general public, developers, and Governance Council members can freely propose and discuss Klaytn governance items. With the governance portal now open, on-chain voting will be executed based on the discussions held in this forum. The forum also serves as a platform where people can share ideas on accelerating the growth of Klaytn. On top of the Klaytn Governance Forum, you may also participate in the KIR Forum and Klaytn Dev Forum.

The Klaytn Governance Forum is categorized into three sections: Notice, Proposals, and Community Discussion. You can choose the appropriate category to share and discuss any ideas or issues. For now, only the Klaytn Foundation and Governance Council can participate in the Proposal section while the Notice category is for Klaytn Foundation to provide information and release announcements.

As a start, we have shared our grand initiatives of implementing the on-chain governance voting method and introducing a new GC reward structure due to the abolition of the Gini Coefficient. Starting from this proposal, we are looking forward to hearing any opinions that can benefit our governance operation and the larger Klaytn ecosystem. For Governance Council members, you may submit your proposal to the official Klaytn Governance Forum. Once submitted, Klaytn will perform an initial review, and each Klaytn Governance Council member will vote to decide whether or not the project can qualify. The entire process will be visible to the public through the forum and the portal.

For more information, visit the official Klaytn Governance Forum at