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Klaytn Governance Council Updates for August 2023

As Klaytn Governance Council members are expected to provide significant contributions to the growth of Klaytn, GC members who have restrictions on the operation of Klaytn mainnet nodes or whose contributions to the Klaytn ecosystem are relatively low will be gradually retired in favor of new GC members who will be able to contribute at a greater level.

With this, gumi and POST VOYAGER will be stepping down from the Klaytn GC as of 9 August 2023. gumi and POST VOYAGER’s withdrawal from Klaytn GC were mutually agreed upon due to internal circumstances that limited their node operations, and they will continue to collaborate with Klaytn ecosystem-wide regardless of their GC status. 
Meanwhile, with the passage of KGP-7 in May, a new procedure has been introduced and implemented where the selection and dismissal of Klaytn Governance Council members is decided entirely through public on-chain voting by the GC on Klaytn Square.