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Klaytn Foundation Partners with Tiger Research to Propel RWA Innovation in Asia

Klaytn Foundation and Tiger Research, a leading Web3 market research and consulting firm, have formed a strategic partnership to advance RWA tokenization and blockchain adoption in the Asian market. 

In June, Klaytn Foundation announced that it would expand the Klaytn ecosystem by focusing on the RWA space, with a mission to drive real change across Asia by improving financial accessibility. Since then, we have added several RWA partners to the Klaytn ecosystem, and have been working to strengthen the RWA capabilities within the Foundation. Moving forward, Klaytn Foundation will work closely with Tiger Research on research and ecosystem expansion, collaborating across the following:

Broadening Klaytn’s RWA-related research capabilities

The partnership will begin with the joint publication of the Klaytn Ecosystem Report, a comprehensive analytical report highlighting the strengths and opportunities of the Klaytn blockchain ecosystem. Utilizing Tiger Research’s meticulous research methodology, the report will provide valuable and accurate insights for companies and organizations looking to engage with Klaytn and navigate the burgeoning Web3 landscape.

Beyond this report, Klaytn Foundation and Tiger Research will also collaborate on research relating to RWA tokenization. With a deep understanding of the Asian Web3 market, Tiger Research will work closely with Klaytn Foundation to explore the evolving dynamics of blockchain technology and identify trends, challenges, and opportunities in the RWA space and beyond. The findings will not only strengthen Klaytn’s ecosystem but also contribute to the knowledge base of the broader blockchain community.

Expanding Klaytn’s RWA ecosystem

Klaytn and Tiger Research will work together to develop a real-world asset business based on synergies. Specifically, by leveraging Tiger Research’s extensive experience in market research, business development, and project management, they aim to jointly discover blockchain-based projects that can impact the real world through a series of activities. This initiative is expected to help further solidify Klaytn’s position as a key player in the global blockchain ecosystem.

About Tiger Research

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Founded in 2021, Tiger Research is a leading Web 3 market research and consulting firm specializing in the dynamic Asian market. The firm collaborates with world-class enterprises and institutions to help them navigate the complex and evolving Asian Web 3 landscape, offering services in market research, business development, and project management. Clients include Forte, Animoca Brands, and the Klaytn Foundation. Currently, Tiger Research has established operations in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.