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Klaytn Foundation explores Hyperchain implementations with Matter Labs


  • Klaytn has signed an MOU with Matter Labs, developer of zkSync Era, to explore Hyperchain implementations for Klaytn blockchain.
  • This collaboration marks the first technological effort to integrate a Hyperchain layer powered by ZK-Rollups on a blockchain outside of Ethereum. 

The Klaytn Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Matter Labs, the developer of Ethereum-based Layer 2 scaling solution zkSync Era, to build and pilot a Layer 2 blockchain operating infrastructure on the Klaytn mainnet. This partnership has the distinction of being the first in the industry to attempt to build Layer 2 and 3 chains on a blockchain outside of Ethereum. Together, the two companies will explore:

  • R&D efforts to advance the connectivity between the Klaytn mainnet and Matter Labs’ zkSync Era Layer 2 blockchain powered by  Zero-Knowledge Proof technology
  • Development of new Layer 2 blockchain technology for Klaytn based on zkSync Era
  • Establishing Klaytn as a Hyperchain infrastructure through Matter Labs’ ZK Stack

With this partnership, Klaytn Foundation has laid the foundation for technical collaboration with Matter Labs to exponentially scale the Klaytn ecosystem through the high transaction processing capacity and fee efficiency of Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions that inherit the full security of Klaytn through the submission of zero-knowledge proofs to the mainnet.

“Klaytn Foundation understands the scalability challenges that will come with the mass adoption of Klaytn,” said Dr. Sam Seo, Representative Director of Klaytn Foundation. “Through this partnership with Layer 2 technology powerhouse Matter Labs, Klaytn Foundation will be able to accelerate the development of Zero-Knowledge Layer 2 technology for the Klaytn mainnet, taking another step towards maximizing scalability on Klaytn, which already boasts one of the fastest transaction processing time and extremely low gas fees.”

“We’re excited to be working together with Klaytn Foundation on building out Hyperchain use cases. ZK rollups are the future of Ethereum scaling and in order to harness the full potential of ZK’s superpowers, it is crucial to build the right architecture from the very beginning,” said Marco Cora, senior vice president of business and ecosystem at Matter Labs. “ Building on the ZK Stack will give established Layer 1 blockchains like Klaytn two key features: sovereignty with seamless connectivity to the Ethereum ecosystem – trustlessly, fast, cost-effectively and without compromising on security. This will open up a whole new world to builders and users.”

Read the full press release here.

About Matter Labs

Matter Labs are the inventors of zkSync Era, a zkEVM designed to scale blockchains like the Internet. The protocol makes it effortless for EVM-based projects to deploy on the L2 network, offering low gas fees and high transaction speeds, while fully preserving Ethereum’s security guarantees.