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KGP-7: A new Klaytn GC selection and dismissal procedure

As part of our move towards greater collectiveness, a new procedure for the selection and removal of Klaytn Governance Council (GC) members was introduced along with the launch of Klaytn Square and introduction of on-chain voting in May 2023.

Previously, GC membership was based on one-to-one agreements between Klaytn Foundation and the GC member in question. With the passing of KGP-7, the selection and dismissal of GC members will be proposed through public channels, and voted on-chain by the GC.

Under this new procedure, any legal entity or DAO with verifiable core members can apply to become a GC member by creating a proposal in the GC Membership Discussion category in the Klaytn Governance Forum

To qualify for a GC vote through the Klaytn Square, the proposal must achieve either of the following within 14 days of the application:

  • Klaytn Foundation or at least 1 GC member expresses support for the proposal in the forum post; or
  • The proposal’s accompanying poll on the Klaytn Square snapshot space posted by the applicant receives more than 5 million KLAY in upvotes, and the number of upvotes exceeds downvotes. 

If the proposal does not achieve either of the above within 14 days, it will be automatically rejected.

The same process applies to proposals for the dismissal of a GC member. Anyone can propose the dismissal of a GC member through the GC Membership Discussion category, and if the proposal garners the same support within 14 days as detailed above, it will qualify for GC voting. 

Once a proposal qualifies for voting, Klaytn Foundation will verify the factual accuracy of the application and proposal, and if any issues are discovered during this review, Klaytn Foundation reserves the right to reject the application and proposal with a public disclosure of the reasons behind the rejection.

The on-chain voting for GC membership or dismissal proposals will take place on the first Monday of each month, with the GC members voting on the proposals that achieved qualification for voting on or before the last day of the previous month. Proposals that qualified for voting between the first day of the month and the month’s voting session will be voted on in the following month.

As announced in KGP-7, this is a transitional system and our eventual aim is to introduce a system for the selection and dismissal of GC members through community voting, to more accurately reflect the opinions of the entire KLAY holder community. Once the details for this community-led GC selection and removal system is finalized, we will share the details and submit a proposal to the GC. If you’re interested in the evolution of Klaytn governance, keep watch over this space!