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Klaytn Community Fund (KCF) Grant Program Pilot

We’ve got exciting news for Klaytn builders—after a 9-month hiatus, the Klaytn ecosystem grant program will be reopening again! Amidst growing interest from builders and our recognition that appropriate financial support remains a vital component for healthy ecosystem growth, we will be soft-launching the new Klaytn Community Fund (KCF) as a pilot program, effective today.

Designed to support our mission of enabling greater transparency and verifiability, all KCF grant proposals will be reviewed on the publicly-accessible Klaytn Square, and approved via on-chain voting by the Klaytn Governance Council. This ensures that all ecosystem participants will be aware of ecosystem fund spending in advance.

The KCF pilot program will run for 3 months to give us the opportunity to iron out any potential issues that may arise over submissions, processes, resources, or any other aspects of the program. Upon conclusion of the pilot program, we will make the necessary refinements based on our learnings and submit an official KCF program proposal as a KGP for approval.

To learn more about the KCF pilot program and how to apply for a KCF grant during this pilot phase, please visit the governance forum post.