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Kaia Community Committee open call for applications

In January, we proposed the chain merge of Klaytn and Finschia, and are currently working on the launch of Kaia. Kaia is committed to building Asia’s largest governance based on decentralization and interoperability. To achieve this, we are introducing Kaia’s Community Committee to serve as a catalyst for more community participation and checks and balances.

The Kaia Community Committee is a subset of the Kaia Governance Council, which is responsible for developing and executing new projects and initiatives using community ideas. By working in conjunction with the Governance Council, which has limited participation from smaller communities or individuals, the Community Committee is expected to make a significant contribution to building a more empowered and autonomous Kaia ecosystem. 

Community Committees are organized into two main groups: Chairman and Members. Chairman applicants are responsible for organizing the members of the committees they want to join, and publicly submit their proposals, including ideas and budgets, to the forum. After a first round of review, the finalized proposal will be put to a vote by the Governance Council. If passed, the Community Council will begin operating under that proposal for a period of one year, with the official launch of Kaia Chain,  which may vary depending on the voted proposal content. More details can be found in the full proposal

As we aim to build the largest governance chain in Asia, the Kaia ecosystem needs more ideas and participation from the community. We look forward to your interest and participation in the Community Committees program and hope to build a robust Kaia ecosystem together. 


  • How long will the program run for?
    – The program will launch simultaneously with the Kaia Chain launch. Its initial period of operation is one year, after which the Governance Council will vote to extend it.
  • Are there any sector restrictions for community committees to propose?
    – You can include any topic as long as it’s an idea that the Kaia community has input on and can contribute to the ecosystem. However, all selections will be decided by a governance vote. 
  • What are the eligibility requirements for Chairman candidates?
    – A Chairman candidate submitting a proposal must be an entity with at least two years of experience launching and running a community-related business or project in the blockchain market, including designing and running a DAO organization.
    – However, the members that make up a Chairman candidate can be individuals. 
  • How is the budget for the program allocated?
    – The Community Committee’s operating budget will be allocated from the Kaia Ecosystem Fund (KEF). Chairman candidates must provide the required one-year operating budget for each line item in their proposal, and the amount is not limited.
    – However, the proposal should specifically include items such as community committee management (development of operational tools, operational incentives, etc.), ecosystem investments, marketing, grants, and liquidity provision. 
  • How do I submit a committee plan?
    – They can be publicly uploaded to the Notice category in the Governance Forum starting May 20th, when the article is published. 
    – Proposals are submitted by a candidate for Commission Chairman and must be agreed upon with Community Commission members prior to submission.
  • Are there selection criteria for Community Committees?
    – Community Committees are selected based entirely on feedback from ecosystem partners and participants. Based on this input, proposals are put to a vote, and the outcome of the vote determines whether or not the proposed committees are implemented. 
  • From proposal to selection and execution, what is the overall timeline?
    – Open call for proposals will run from May 20, and a late June implementation when the Kaia chain officially launches, details are subject to change. Please refer to the proposal body for a detailed timeline.