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IOK Partnership Updates: Oct 2023(3)

Klaytn’s Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) program, launched last August, offers an avenue for new DApp projects to access the platform and technology capabilities of Klaytn’s ecosystem partners. The initiative aims to empower these projects to firmly establish their presence in both the Asian and global markets. 

The IOK program encompasses collaboration across 11 key project areas,  including Wallets, Game-Fi Tools, On-chain Data Ranking, Marketing, Oracle, Acceleration, Development Outsourcing, NFT Marketplace, DeFi Services, Security Tools, and API Nodes. Beyond these, the IOK program also shares strategic insights for localization in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming industry in Asia and know-how in user acquisition. All to bolster the success of DApp projects operating on Klaytn Mainnet.

We’re excited to introduce companies onboarding the IOK program periodically on Klaytn’s official blog and social channels. If you are interested in joining the IOK program, please visit this page for more details and application processes.

About DappRadar

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DappRadar is a global Web3 DApp distribution platform, founded in 2018 to be the leading discovery platform for the Web3 ecosystem. Every month, more than 500,000 users use DappRadar to explore blockchain applications related to DeFi, NFTs, Web3 games, and SocialFi. Based on RADAR and the DappRader DAO, it provides insights to a wide range of investors, journalists, researchers, media professionals, and consumers under the slogan “World’s Dapp Store” with the vision of enabling millions of people to build projects and eventually democratize them to billions. 

With support for 54+ blockchains and the ability to track over 15,000 DApps, DappRadar has become a major hub for DApp discovery. With advanced filtering options, AI-driven NFT valuations, portfolio management tools, and custom alerts fueled by real-time blockchain data, the DappRadar community is optimized to navigate the Web3 landscape. 

By partnering with DappRadar through this IOK program, we can increase the visibility of the Klaytn ecosystem to a global audience. In addition, it is significant that various DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem have secured a new channel to access the global market. DappRadar has a community of developers skilled in Dapp development, and it is expected that this will serve as a springboard for the creation of new DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem.

About CoredotLab

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Founded in Seoul in 2020, CoredotLab is a leading software development company specializing in Web3. With team members from leading Web2 companies such as NHN Entertainment, Naver, Daum, and Hangame, CoredotLab strives to minimize the barriers between Web2 and Web3 services so that Web2 users can naturally onboard into the Web3 ecosystem. Since its establishment, CoredotLab has successfully outsourced the development of more than 14 projects and boasts a high understanding of various Dapp services. In addition to DApps, CoredotLab also provides blockchain infrastructure to major domestic Web2 players who want to integrate Web3 features into their existing services. 

Meanwhile, CoredotLab is planning to launch a managed validator service. This service will provide a comprehensive Web3 solution for companies that require node operator resources. We see this partnership with Klaytn as an opportunity to position ourselves as a long-term technology collaborator and work closely with the Klaytn community to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the Web3 space. As the Klaytn Foundation prioritizes mass adoption, we expect our partnership with CoredotLab to help attract Web2 users to the Klaytn ecosystem in a natural way.