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IOK Partnership Updates: Oct 2023(2)

Klaytn’s Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) program, launched last August, offers an avenue for new DApp projects to access the platform and technology capabilities of Klaytn’s ecosystem partners. The initiative aims to empower these projects to firmly establish their presence in both the Asian and global markets. 

The IOK program encompasses collaboration across 11 key project areas,  including Wallets, Game-Fi Tools, On-chain Data Ranking, Marketing, Oracle, Acceleration, Development Outsourcing, NFT Marketplace, DeFi Services, Security Tools, and API Nodes. Beyond these, the IOK program also shares strategic insights for localization in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming industry in Asia and know-how in user acquisition. All to bolster the success of DApp projects operating on Klaytn Mainnet.

We’re excited to introduce companies onboarding the IOK program periodically on Klaytn’s official blog and social channels. If you are interested in joining the IOK program, please visit this page for more details and application processes.

About AhnLab Blockchain Company(ABC)

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AhnLab Blockchain Company (ABC) was founded in April 2022 and is a 20-person team centered on highly skilled professionals in the cybersecurity industry, as it is an offshoot of AhnLab. The company aims to provide a Web3 experience that is free from boundaries and restrictions, and based on AhnLab’s heritage, ABC Wallet is a secure and convenient MPC-based non-custodial wallet. 

ABC Wallet supports multi-chain and provides core functions such as MPC, non-custodial management, and NFT management in six languages. This allows global end-users to integrate Web3 wallets into the platform in a secure environment. In particular, ABC Wallet offers the highest level of security in the industry by providing third-party key sharing and management technology, and strong protection against key loss and hacking. 

Through this partnership with Klaytn, ABC is expected to promote the popularization of Web3 wallets by providing a simple wallet experience based on strong security. In particular, it is optimized for various applications such as Web3 games, NFT marketplaces, metaverses, DeFi, and social community platforms, providing a seamless user experience for end-users. In addition to end-users, it provides a simple integration process using the SDK to help enterprises implement non-custodial wallets based on Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Meanwhile, ABC is also preparing a Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) product. 

As such, the partnership is expected to make it easier for Klaytn ecosystem dApps to enjoy the robust security of ABC Wallet. As we aim to build a safer and stronger blockchain ecosystem for everyone by advancing the blockchain infrastructure through advanced technologies such as security intelligence, NFTs, SBT, and WaaS, we will contribute to further solidifying the infrastructure of the Klaytn ecosystem.

About PALA

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Pala is a team of about 15 experts in marketing, BD, development, and strategy, with a mission to “Empower the Web3 Revolution”. In particular, Pala, which boasts KRW 4.3 billion in Klaytn trading volume and has more than 40,000 community followers, has been supporting NFT issuance and consulting for some of Korea’s largest companies (CJ, Shinsegae, Lotte, KT, LG U+, Hyosung, Yongpyong Resort, Budweiser, G/Fore, Vogue, GQ, etc.) based on Pala tokens and ALAP NFTs. Pala is expected to contribute to the ‘democratization’ aspect of the Klaytn ecosystem in this partnership. 

Pala is also a strong product team with its own NFT marketplace and launchpad. In particular, Pala’s NFT marketplace meets the needs of mobile app users and is positioned as a service for both Web2 and Web3 users. With more than 100,000 users, the combination of the Pala and Klaytn ecosystems is expected to lead to more robust Web3 innovations.

About Soramitsu

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Soramitsu is a Japanese/Swiss engineering-based blockchain technology company that specializes in designing custom distributed ledger solutions. As the developer and main contributor of Hyperledger Iroha, an open-source blockchain platform tailored for use in the enterprise and public spheres, Soramitsu is positioning itself as a pioneer in blockchain technology with a variety of successful projects. 

For example, SORAMITSU has leveraged blockchain to develop a digital currency for the Central Bank of Cambodia, a closed-loop payment system for Aizu University in Japan, and an identity verification system prototype for Bank Central Asia in Indonesia, was a finalist in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) CBDC Competition, and is currently participating in the first PoC test in the Asia-Pacific region of an offshore multi-currency securities settlement system with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) using distributed ledger technology. In addition, we have conducted PoC tests with a number of large Japanese companies and are active contributors to open source projects such as the SORA cryptoeconomic system, Polkaswap DEX, DeFi wallet, and Fearless Wallet.

Soramitsu’s expertise extends from distributed ledgers to user-friendly interfaces, while ensuring stability by providing infrastructure that has earned the trust of prestigious organizations including the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

As a result of Soramitsu’s partnership with the IOK program, Klaytn DApps will benefit from a variety of benefits. From inception to deployment, they will receive comprehensive development support from Soramitsu, while security will be fully integrated into all aspects of development and beyond, with DevSecOps at the core. In addition, they will have access to solutions based on Soramitsu’s knowledge of DeFi technology and will be able to maximize the impact of their apps within the Klaytn ecosystem through the open-source DEX.