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IOK Partnership Updates: Nov 2023 (2)

Klaytn’s Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) program, launched last August, offers an avenue for new DApp projects to access the platform and technology capabilities of Klaytn’s ecosystem partners. The initiative aims to empower these projects to firmly establish their presence in both the Asian and global markets. 

The IOK program encompasses collaboration across 15 key project areas,  including Wallets, Game-Fi Tools, On-chain Data Ranking, Marketing, Oracle, Acceleration, Development Outsourcing, NFT Marketplace, DeFi Services, Security Tools, and API Nodes. Beyond these, the IOK program also shares strategic insights for localization in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming industry in Asia and know-how in user acquisition. All to bolster the success of DApp projects operating on Klaytn Mainnet.

We’re excited to introduce companies onboarding the IOK program periodically on Klaytn’s official blog and social channels. If you are interested in joining the IOK program, please visit this page for more details and application processes.

About CoinMarketCap

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Launched in 2013, CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the world’s largest cryptocurrency information platform with the world’s most extensive business network and massive traffic of 340 million visitors and 3 billion page views per month. Based on this traffic, CMC provides various features to make cryptocurrency information more accessible to consumers, such as its own community, SRD, ICO Calandar, and offers a wide range of data-driven B2B and B2C services, including listings, content, research, and DEXSCAN. 

This IOK partnership with CMC is made even more significant by the fact that Klaytn Foundation has been selected as one of the official partners of CMC’s Web3 project support program, CMC Labs, which was launched to serve as a ‘Web3 startup accelerator’ and is a one-year-only blockchain project integration support program that runs until November 2024. The CMC Labs program will provide a variety of support to selected outstanding projects, including technical and business curriculum and mentoring; awareness raising through articles, videos, infographics, and airdrops on CMC’s official website and social media; online community communication through AMAs and other means; promotion of potential investment; and opportunities for direct communication with CMC. 

As this is similar in purpose to the Klaytn Foundation’s IOK program, this mutual partnership is expected to enable complementary exchanges between the Klaytn ecosystem and CMC. In particular, this partnership will enable outstanding projects in the Klaytn ecosystem to receive hands-on support from CMC to enter the Asian and global markets.

About Grove

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Founded in 2017, Grove (formerly Pocket Network, Inc) is an infrastructure services company for Web3 applications. With a team of 23 team members with a deep understanding and background in cryptocurrency and blockchain development, Grove has received funding from Placeholder, Arrington Capital, Republic Capital, Edenblock, and Central Park Capital. As such, Grove is a decentralized gateway designed to provide DApps with seamless access across multiple blockchains, giving them the flexibility to seamlessly interact with decentralized ecosystems. 

At the heart of Grove is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service, which allows developers to send requests and receive responses to interact with the blockchain. This RPC framework is the backbone for building dynamic Web3 applications, bridging the gap between the decentralized network and the user interface. It also provides the Grove Portal with tools for Grove developers to secure, monitor, analyze and improve their dapps. Built on the core principles of decentralization, reliability and scalability, Grove leverages a global network of decentralized nodes to provide users with access to a variety of blockchains. 

Through this IOK program, Grove will provide specialized RPC services for Klaytn ecosystem DApps. To enable Klaytn ecosystem DApps to access data from more than 40 blockchains in 17 global regions, we will adjust the load balancing to the Klaytn mainnet RPC endpoints. Meanwhile, as of September 2022, the Pocket Network Foundation has already whitelisted Klaytn and processed more than 5.9 billion requests. With 13,700 Pocket nodes currently supporting Klaytn, this partnership will enable Klaytn DApps to enjoy RPC services with enhanced compatibility.

About WAME

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WAME is a Web3 solutions company redefining digital ownership and user experience. By integrating the technologies of Decentralized Identifier (DID), Soulbound Token (SBT), Account Abstraction (AA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), WAME empowers users to take control of their data through a user-centric management system. A team of professionals from some of Korea’s leading conglomerates, WAME aims to go beyond being a solution provider and curate a differentiated Web3 space that facilitates cultural exchange and sharing of experiences globally. 

In particular, WAME’s SBT smart tagging service enriches the data tapestry of the Web3 ecosystem by making user transactions contribution-centric. This allows users to immortalize their contributions on the blockchain, thereby increasing their personal market value. As a reward for this participation, WAME issues SBTs that are tamper-proof and untraceable, ensuring the authenticity and recognition of user actions. For businesses, it becomes a resource of on-chain data that enables precise user targeting and serves as a basis for strategic decision-making. Meanwhile, WAME is also building a decentralized identity infrastructure that leverages the synergies of blockchain and AI to enhance Unique Active Wallet (UAW) metrics within the Web3 ecosystem. 

Through this partnership with WAME, DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem will have the opportunity to test a new approach to digital ownership and gain expertise in ecosystem expansion and user acquisition in the fast-growing Web3 industry.