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IOK Partnership Updates: Nov 2023 (1)

Klaytn’s Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) program, launched last August, offers an avenue for new DApp projects to access the platform and technology capabilities of Klaytn’s ecosystem partners. The initiative aims to empower these projects to firmly establish their presence in both the Asian and global markets. 

The IOK program encompasses collaboration across 15 key project areas,  including Wallets, Game-Fi Tools, On-chain Data Ranking, Marketing, Oracle, Acceleration, Development Outsourcing, NFT Marketplace, DeFi Services, Security Tools, and API Nodes. Beyond these, the IOK program also shares strategic insights for localization in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming industry in Asia and know-how in user acquisition. All to bolster the success of DApp projects operating on Klaytn Mainnet.

We’re excited to introduce companies onboarding the IOK program periodically on Klaytn’s official blog and social channels. If you are interested in joining the IOK program, please visit this page for more details and application processes.

About Supra

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In 2018, Supra received funding from Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, FiveT Fintech, Galaxy Interactive, Hashed, Huobi Ventures, Prosus Ventures, Razer. com, Republic, Sound Ventures, UOB Venture Management, and Valor Equity Partners, among others. The team, which totals more than 90 people, includes Dr. Aniket Kate, the inventor of the KZG polynomial commitment. To date, they’ve raised over $24 million in funding and are spread across 13 mainnets, 30+ testnets between the Oracle price feed and VRF, with approximately 3.8 million data points updating 131 opinion feeds daily. A Supra token launch is also planned for 1Q next year. 

Meanwhile, Supra specializes in blockchain infrastructure for DeFi and GameFi and cross-chain asset transfers. In addition to providing Layer 1 security guarantees for the oracle layer, Supra’s oracle chain is updated approximately every 3 seconds, and its oracles are secure and high quality, with the Distributed Oracle Contract document approved at ICDCS 2023 and the Distributed Verifiable Random Function document approved at ACM CCS 2023. 

With Supra’s onboarding into the Klaytn ecosystem through this partnership, Klaytn ecosystem DApps can easily benefit from Supra’s oracle price feed and VRF randomization solution. For example, DeFi Kingdoms is already integrating Supra’s VRF solution to implement unpredictable, provably fair on-chain randomization for quests and NFT mining and evolution. 

About Digi Oracle

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Founded in 2023, Digi Oracle (formerly KlayOracle) is a highly modular blockchain oracle that allows blockchain developers to securely connect their Web3 applications with real-world assets, events, and data. Digi Oracle provides real-world data such as price feeds and verifiable random numbers, and will soon support proof-of-hold for real-world assets such as gold. Unlike other blockchain oracles, Digi Oracle specializes in integrating tangible (real estate, collectibles, etc.) and intangible (stocks, etc.) assets on-chain. 

On the one hand, the team is composed of experts with a deep understanding of cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and algorithms, making it an ideal resource for the DeFi space, especially as the co-founders have previous backgrounds in fintech startups with $500,000 trading volume. Meanwhile, Digi Oracle, which is also backed by DoraHacks, which co-hosts the annual Klaymakers hackathon with the Klaytn Foundation, is also planning to launch Klaytn’s utility token, the $DIGI token, which will be used by data providers to pay node operators on the Digi Oracle network. In particular, the $DIGI token will feature a burn mechanism, which aims to reduce the amount of KLAY in circulation by burning a corresponding portion of KLAY every time a token is issued. As such, Digi Orcale is expected to make a significant contribution to the Klaytn ecosystem based on its expertise in the DeFi space. 

Through this partnership with Digi Oracle, we will be able to provide dedicated shared nodes and customized request data feeds to developers in the Klaytn ecosystem. Digi Oracle also plans to set up a dedicated workforce to help developers seamlessly integrate Digi Oracle into their DApps. Furthermore, Digi Oracle will be able to help them build RWA capabilities based on innovative financial products that combine crypto and traditional assets. For further onboarding, Digi Oracle are also launching the DigiOracle Champion Program in 2023, which will proactively lower the barriers to entry for projects and developers in the Klaytn ecosystem to build RWA products.

About Orakl Network

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Orakl Network is a decentralized oracle solution for the Klaytn ecosystem. While the need for oracles in blockchain networks is growing, Klaytn has lacked a customized oracle for Klaytn. Orakl Network’s greatest strength is that it is designed and implemented to meet the specific needs and requirements of Klaytn DApps that are not addressed by off-the-shelf solutions. 

In addition to optimizing at the infrastructure level for Klaytn, Orakl Network prioritizes providing new data feeds based on the needs of DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem. By providing high-performance and unique data feeds that are not available on other oracles, builders can create more creative use cases. This is expected to pave the way for more uses that are unique to Klaytn, especially with its technological edge in data feeds, request-response, and VRF. 

Through this partnership, Orakl Network will enable more builders to focus on product development instead of spending time setting up customized Oracle infrastructure.